Sunday, February 25, 2018

Show 283: LuxuriaMusic 2018 Listener Sponsorship Drive

Sunday, February 25 · 6-7 pm west / 9-10 pm east  

as in cold, hard cash... 

When you participate in the 2018 Listener Sponsorship Drive, you're helping to guarantee the survival of this one-of-a-kind source for music and culture. Once a year, we reach out to our faithful listener-believers to gather the means by which to keep this wild experiment going. If you believe in streaming music you can't hear anywhere else, hosted by knowledgable programmers who get it, then you're one of us. Don't let your good thing go down without a fight—join us in fighting to keep LuxuriaMusic alive. Go to and find your way to giving what you can. Take a t-shirt, a record, or a book as a token of our appreciation, or support us with a monthly contribution that sustains us all year long. Whatever your style, we embrace it. Thank you.

See you on the radio... 
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:: SET 1 ::

Title :: The Gang at the Green Grotto
Artist :: Enoch Light and The Light Brigade
Album :: The Private Life of a Private Eye

Title :: Green Spider Theme
Artist :: Gert Wilden And Orchestra
Album :: I Told You Not To Cry

Title :: Green Hornet Theme
Artist :: Unidentified Artists
Album :: New Original TV Themes

Title :: Green Onions 5/4
Artist :: Woody Martens
Album :: Wild and Woody : Woody Martens at the Hammond

Title :: Little Green Man
Artist :: Fred Hector und sein Akkordeon-Ensemble
Album :: Akkordeon Up To Date

Title :: Green, Green
Artist :: Billy Strange
Album :: Strange Country

Title :: Green Grass
Artist :: Living Guitars
Album :: Flamingo and Other Favorites

Title :: Green Eyes
Artist :: Enoch Light and The Light Brigade
Album :: Vibrations

Title :: Little Green Apples
Artist :: Living Marimbas Plus Strings
Album :: Play the Glen Campbell Hit Galveston and Other Hits

Title :: Green Onions
Artist :: Tom and Jerry
Album :: Guitar's Greatest Hits Vol. II

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:: SET 2 ::

Title :: Green Fire
Artist :: Jerry and the Landslides
Album :: Single

Title :: The Green Leaves of Summer
Artist :: Tak Shindo
Album :: Far East Goes Western

Title :: Tomorrow, The Green Grass (Demo)
Artist :: Skip Heller
Album :: Lua-O-Milo

Title :: Soft Green Seas
Artist :: Warren Barker
Album :: Hawaiian Eye

Title :: Tropical Green
Artist :: Rogerio Duprat
Album :: The Brazilian Suite

Title :: On Green Dolphin Street
Artist :: Lenny Dee
Album :: Most Requested!

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:: SET 3 ::

Title :: Green
Artist :: Ken Nordine
Album :: Colors

Title :: Rhapsody in Green
Artist :: Mort Garson
Album :: Mother Earth's Plantasia (Warm Earth Music For Plants And The People Who Love Them)

Title :: Dark Green
Artist :: The Coctails
Album :: Hello Recording Club 1995/08

Title :: Space Suite: Thinking of the Green Hills of Earth
Artist :: The Frank David Selection
Album :: Blues & Electronics

Title :: Green Stuff
Artist :: Pierro Piccioni
Album :: Watch Out Gringo, Sabata Will Return

Title :: Green Power
Artist :: Urbie Green
Album :: Green Power

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Show 282: (Pre) Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 11 · 6-7 pm west / 9-10 pm east  

(Pre) Valentine's Day
Putting you in the mood, a few days early... 

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

No time to listen "live"? No problem! Download the podcast at:

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:: SET 1 ::

Title :: You and Your Precious Love
Artist :: Joe Cannon
Album :: Cold Hard Times

Title :: Burnin' for Your Love
Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Album :: Burnin' for Your Love

Title :: Have Love, Will Travel
Artist :: The Sharps
Album :: Califia - The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood

Title :: Still in Love With You Baby
Artist :: The Kitchen Cinq
Album :: Everything But...

Title :: Surfers Love Call
Artist :: Bo Diddley
Album :: SAVAGE Exotica!!

Title :: Sapphire Bullets Of Love
Artist :: They Might Be Giants
Album :: Flood

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:: SET 2 ::

Title :: Exotic Love
Artist :: 101 Strings Orchestra
Album :: The Exotic Sounds of Love

Title :: You Don't Know What Love Is
Artist :: Myrna March
Album :: Explosive Vocal Percussion

Title :: Easy Come, Easy Go Lover
Artist :: Franklyn MacCormack
Album :: The Torch is Burning

Title :: Free Love Sequence
Artist :: Daniele Luppi
Album :: An Italian Story

Title :: Beat for Love
Artist :: Alessandro Alessandroni
Album :: Alessandro Alessandroni e il suo complesso

Title :: Love Drops
Artist :: Jim Gordon
Album :: Jim Gordon Plays Heavy!

Title :: Love at First Sight (Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus)
Artist :: 101 Strings Orchestra
Album :: The Sounds of Love

Title :: Let Me Love You
Artist :: Vic Caesar
Album :: Vic Caesar

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:: SET 3 ::

Title :: Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?
Artist :: John Linnell
Album :: Hello Recording Club 1996/08: House Of Mayors

Title :: Love is the Sweetest Thing
Artist :: Hash Brown And His Ignunt Strings
Album :: The Hash Brown Sounds

Title :: Love Is a Headache
Artist :: Anthony Quinn
Album :: In My Own Way...I Love You

Title :: Henry's In Love
Artist :: Henry Badowski
Album :: Life Is A Grand...

Title :: Love is Everything
Artist :: Fred Karlin
Album :: Up the Down Staircase

Title :: Never My Love
Artist :: Exponians of the Steel Orchestra
Album :: Exponians of the Steel Orchestra

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