Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Show 70: Lee Hazlewood Special

Airs July 9th (3 p.m. pacific / 6 p.m. eastern)
and in my regular timeslot on July 12

"you play that stuff in the mauna loa lounge? sheesh. why don't you change the name to scruffy whiskers caveman hour?"
-Recent forum post

As regular listeners know, Thrifting for Tunes is not always just about Mai Tais and Martin Denny...

We occasionally get the urge to step out from behind the bar and venture out into other parts of the Mauna Loa Lounge... like into the kitchen for the odd spaghetti western special... or onto the back porch, as is the case for our annual Lee Hazlewood tribute.

Lee would have turned 79 on July 9 of this year (he unfortunately passed away last August).

Last year's special featured excerpts from Lee's 1969 Swedish TV special Love and Other Crimes.

For this year's special, I let Lee do all the talking — and thankfully, all the singing too —, squeezing in just about as much of an almost-career-spanning retrospective of his solo work as I could get away with in a one-hour slot, and concluding with a bit of narration and three live songs from his final tour in 2002...

Hopefully, it all comes together nicely and sounds somewhat autobiographical.

Luxuriamusic's Space Patrol host Carl Howard said it best:

"Hazlewood would have been the first to tear himself down as any sort of awesome legend or urban cowboy or what-have-you. He fled the United States just at the point that he would have been turned into the kind of AM Radio fodder that people like Glen Campbell represented. He made Nancy Sinatra out of whole cloth in a way her daddy never did. He left his stamp and consciously moved on, then stayed around long enough to scratch his head every time some latter generation of fans caught up with him... and laughed at it all."

* * *

Lee Hazlewood bio - excerpt 1

Song :: Mannford, Oklahoma
Album :: Something Special

Song :: In Our Time
Album :: Lee Hazlewoodism, it's Cause and Cure

Song :: Cold Hard Times
Album :: Cowboy in Sweden

Song :: I Move Around
Album :: The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood

Song :: Ten Or 11 Towns Ago
Album :: 13

Song :: This Town
Album :: Something Special

Lee Hazlewood bio - excerpt 2

Song :: Friday's Child
Album :: Friday's Child

Song :: My Baby Cried All Night Long
Album :: The Many Sides of Lee

Song :: Hey Cowboy
Album :: Cowboy in Sweden

Song :: You Look Like A Lady
Album :: 13

Song :: Forget Marie
Album :: Love and Other Crimes

Lee Hazlewood bio - excerpt 3

Song :: Your Sweet Love
Album :: The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood

Song :: After Six
Album :: Lee Hazlewoodism, it's Cause and Cure

Song :: A Taste Of You
Album :: For Every Solution There's A Problem

Song :: Won't You Tell Your Dreams
Album :: Requiem For An Almost Lady

Song :: Rainbow Woman
Album :: Reprise single

Lee Hazlewood bio - excerpt 4

Song :: Stone Cold Blues
Album :: Something Special

Song :: Love And Other Crimes (Live)
Album :: The Lycantrope Tour

Song :: She Comes Running (Live)
Album :: The Lycantrope Tour

Lee Hazlewood end text

Song :: My Autumns Done Come (Live)
Album :: The Lycantrope Tour

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Show 69: July 2008

First airing on July 5... Repeat on July 28

  • our Artist of the Month!
  • a fun set by a few talented wahines!
  • and a summertime/holiday/beach/vacation set!
  • the Polynesian Chi Chi cocktail
  • and The Non-Tiki Tiki Tune of the Day!

* * *


Song :: Pink Hawaii
Album :: Hawaiian Percussion

Song :: April In Portugal
Album :: Fireworks

Song :: Kalua
Album :: Hawaiian Percussion

Song :: Peanut Vendor
Album :: Fireworks

Song :: Song of the Islands
Album :: Hawaiian Percussion

Song :: Chopsticks Guitar
Album :: Supersonic Guitars in Hi-Fi

* * *

CHI CHI Cocktail
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz cream of coconut
  • 4.5 oz pineapple juice
  • 1 cup crushed ice
Blend ingredients for 30 seconds.
Pour into a hurricane glass.
Garnish with a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry.

* * *


Song :: When Hilo Hattie Does The Hilo Hop
Artist :: Hilo Hattie
Album :: At The Hawaiian Village

Song :: Little Brown Gal
Artist :: Dorothy Lamour (with Dick McIntire & his Harmony Hawaiians)
Album :: Favorite Hawaiian Songs (EP)

Song :: Two Ladies in de Shade of de Banana Tree
Artist :: Ethel Azama
Album :: Exotic Dreams

Song :: Luau Cha Cha Cha
Artist :: Annette Funicello
Album :: Hawaiiannette

Song :: Bo Mambo
Artist :: Yma Sumac
Album :: Mambo!

Song :: My Quiet Village
Artist :: Darla Hood
Album :: Ray Note single

* * *


Song :: Summertime
Artist :: Martin Denny
Album :: Hypnotique

Song :: Allah's Holiday
Artist :: Marty Gold and His Orchestra
Album :: Skin Tight

Song :: Theme from "A Summer Place"
Artist :: The Three Suns
Album :: Fever & Smoke

Song :: On The Beach at Waikiki
Artist :: The Outriggers
Album :: Captivation

Song :: Surf Rider
Artist :: Eden Ahbez
Album :: Eden's Island

Song :: Wave
Artist :: Susumu Arima and His Misty Sounds
Album :: The Dock Of The Bay - New Created Sounds

Song :: The Enchanted Sea
Artist :: The Islanders
Album :: The Enchanted Sound of the Islanders

Song :: Forbidden Waters
Artist :: Webley Edwards
Album :: Fire Goddess

Song :: Moonlight Swim
Artist :: Micky Curtis and His City Crows
Album :: On the Beach

* * *


Song :: Es Gibt Kein Bier Auf Hawaii
Artist :: The Waikikis
Album :: Christmas in Hawaii