Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show 115: The Encyclopedia of Sound continues... P & Q

- - -

Mind your Ps & Qs...'s time for another Encyclopedia of Sound show
coming up on Sunday, August 22 at 6 pm west / 9 pm east!

I'm covering P and Q this time around
as we slowly make our way through the alphabet.
Slim pickings in the Q category but a lot of fun and great P material...

A helluva weird mix of stuff,
from Pagliaro and the Polka Powder Puff Orchestra
to Freddy Quinn and... well... Anthony Quinn.

See you on the radio...
and be sure to join us in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!

* * *

No time to listen "live"? No problem! Download the podcast at:

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SET 1:

Song: We Like Kiolbasa
Artist: Polka Powder Puffs Orch.
Album: Polkas and Waltzes by and All Girl Polka Band

Song: Here Comes The Judge
Artist: Pigmeat Markham
Album: Chess 2049

Song: Let's Fly Away
Artist: Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers
Album: The Original Monster Mash

Song: Alternative Chicks
Artist: Andy Prieboy
Album: "Period on Head" show bootleg

Song: Twelfth Street Rag
Artist: Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
Album: Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang

Song: Moog Indigo
Artist: Jean-Jacques Perrey
Album: Moog Indigo

Song: Nature Boy
Artist: Bill Page
Album: Sounds of the Sonic Sixties

Song: Jungle Village
Artist: Der Plan
Album: Two Zombies Later

* * *

SET 2:

Song: Some Sing, Some Dance
Artist: Pagliaro
Album: Pagliaro

Song: My Elusive Dreams
Artist: Jack Palance
Album: Total Lee 3

Song: Sapore Di Sale
Artist: Gino Paoli
Album: Canto Morricone Vol. 1 (The 60's)

Song: I Can't Forget
Artist: Pixies
Album: I'm Your Fan: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Song: Helmets R Bullshit
Artist: Pray for Rain
Album: Roadside Prophets

Song: From Russia With Love
Artist: Carlos Piper Orquestra
Album: O Som Espetacular

Song: Girl's Talk
Artist: Pollo del Mar
Album: Continental Mag Sampler #12

Song: Some Lovely (My Brown Guitar)
Artist: Andy Partridge
Album: Hello Recording Club CD 1994/11

Song: Weill: Johnny’s Speech
Artist: Van Dyke Parks
Album: Lost In The Stars: The Music Of Kurt Weill

* * *

SET 3:

Song: Quando Quando / Swear To God
Artist: Michael Quint
Album: Michael Quint In Concert

Song: What Is Love?
Artist: Anthony Quinn
Album: In My Own Way...I Love You

Song: Blue Mirage
Artist: Freddy Quinn
Album: Single

* * *


Song: Aioka
Artist: Quarteto Em Cy
Album: Em Cy Maior

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Show 114: Quiet Village VS. Caravan

It's been awhile since our last Quiet Village vs. ??? show... 
So I think it's time for another one!

On past shows, we've pitted various versions of QV against
various versions of Jungle Drums and Flamingo. 

This time, we compare and contrast with QV with Caravan!

Sunday, August 15 at 6 pm west / 9 pm east
I've gathered up some of the weirder versions of QV for this show...
including the Ritchie Family's 12-minute disco version!

* * *

SET 1:
Song: Caravan
Artist: Tak Shindo

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: 10th Naval Dist Steel Band

Song: Caravan
Artist: The Gene Rains Group

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Al Bollington

Song: Caravan
Artist: Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

* * *

SET 2:

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Whitey Theador

Song: Caravan
Artist: Woody Martens

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Ensemble of Seven

Song: Caravan
Artist: Stanley Black

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: El Coco
* * *
SET 3:

Song: Caravan
Artist: Nelson Riddle

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Lalo Schifrin

Song: Caravan
Artist: The Three Suns

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: My Skinny Wonderland

Song: Caravan
Artist: Marty Gold and His Orchestra
* * *


Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Ritchie Family