Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show 117: Shut Up and Bring On The Food

Sunday, September 26 at 6 pm west / 9 pm east:

Inspired by all the overeating I did at a big wedding reception last Saturday,
I've put together a food-themed show this week...

From sake and greens to chicken and booze to bangers and mash... 
we're serving it up on Thrifting for Tunes.

See you on the radio...
and be sure to join us in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!


Song: Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
Artist: Raymond Scott
Album: Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights

Song: Ivan's Walk For Food
Artist: Stan Ridgway And Drywall
Album: Work The Dumb Oracle (The Drywall Incident)

Song: Noodletown
Artist: Mitchell Froom
Album: Dopamine

Song: Sake And Greens
Artist: Cal Tjader
Album: Several Shades Of Jade / Breeze From The East

Song: Chicken and Booze
Artist: Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers
Album: Last Train To Skaville

Song: Gravy Waltz
Artist: Steve Allen & The Don Trenner Orchestra
Album: Dot Single

Song: Bangers And Mash
Artist: Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren
Album: Sophia Loren Greatest Hits

Song: Klops Lied (Meatball Song)
Artist: Elliott Sharp
Album: Lost In The Stars: The Music Of Kurt Weill


Song: Fruit Of Dreams
Artist: Les Baxter
Album: The Sacred Idol

Song: Banana Boy
Artist: Eden Ahbez
Album: Eden's Island

Song: Banana
Artist: Nelories
Album: Hello Recording Club CD 1993/04

Song: Golden Apple
Artist: The Waikikis
Album: Midnight Luau

Song: Little Green Apples
Artist: Tony Mottola
Album: Guitar Underground

Song: Watermelon Man
Artist: Mongo Santamaría
Album: Battle Single


Song: Sugartown
Artist: 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band
Album: 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band

Song: The Ice Cream Man
Artist: Kai Winding
Album: Kai Winding

Song: Whipped Cream
Artist: Moacyr Marques
Album: Novo Sabor

Song: A Taste Of Honey
Artist: Arthur Lyman
Album: Lyman '66

Song: We're the Banana Splits
Artist: The Banana Splits
Album: We're the Banana Splits

Song: Chewy Chewy Gum Gum
Artist: Tony Mottola
Album: Guitar Factory


Song: Abalone
Artist: Brian Dewan
Album: Words of Wisdom

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Show 116: The Encyclopedia of Sound... R is for Ridgway

Sunday, September 12 at 6 pm west / 9 pm east,
the "R" instalment of our Encyclopedia of Sound series
features a very special "long-distance" guest co-host... 

Singer-songwriter/noir troubadour/musical maverick
Stan Ridgway joins us for an hour of music and conversation
on topics ranging from guitar instrumentals and film music
to theremins and exotica... and more,
all performed by "R" artists.

Featuring a few cuts from Stan's brand new album Neon Mirage.
(Stan is on tour through September, be sure to see a show if you can...

See you on the radio...
and be sure to join us in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!

For more on John T and Tothar's Encyclopedia of Sound series, visit

Song: Neon Mirage
Artist: Stan Ridgway

Song: Death Rides a Horse (vocal theme)
Artist: Raoul

Song: The Asphalt Jungle (Main Title)
Artist: Miklós Rózsa

Song: A Hundred And Sixty Acres
Artist: Marty Robbins

Song: This Town Called Fate
Artist: Stan Ridgway

Song: Tiki
Artist: Gene Rains

Song: Kapu (Forbidden)
Artist: Milt Raskin

Song: Bali Hai
Artist: Nelson Riddle

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: The Royal Tees

Song: Saint-Saens: The Swan
Artist: Clara Rockmore

Song: Moon Moods
Artist: Harry Revel

Song: Desert Of Dreams
Artist: Stan Ridgway

Song: Big Green Tree
Artist: Stan Ridgway