Saturday, December 22, 2007

Show 62: December - Part 2

• Xmas hits (and misses!) to get you through your last-minute shopping •
• musical merriment from here, there, and everywhere •
• and a Tiki mug-full of Happy Hawaiian holiday tunes! •


And while you listen,
fire up the Christmas spirit with a mug full of

(Serves 12)
• 6 eggs (whites and yolks separated)
• 4 oz sugar
• 3 oz Napoleon brandy
• 7-1/2 oz Appleton Estate V/X rum
• 3 oz Kahlua
• 3 oz cold espresso
• 7-1/2 oz cream
• 15 oz milk
• Grated nutmeg

• Beat eggs yolks with half the sugar
• Gradually whisk in the liquids
• Add egg whites (beaten to soft peaks) with remaining sugar
• Sprinkle with grated nutmeg

* * *


Title :: The Most Beautiful Place
Artist :: Mikael Sundin
Album :: Sundin's Happy Holiday

Title :: Mister Santa
Artist :: Lenny Dee
Album :: Happy Holi-dee

Title :: Put The Loot In The Boot Santa
Artist :: Mae West
Album :: Wild Christmas

Title :: Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
Artist :: The Hollyridge Strings
Album :: Christmas Favorites

Title :: I Wanna Do More Than Whistle (Under the Mistletoe)
Artist :: Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music
Album :: Merry Christmas from...

Title :: Winter Wonderland
Artist :: The Harmonicats
Album :: 25 Days Of Christmas

Title :: The Bell That Couldn't Jingle
Artist :: Burt Bacharach
Album :: The Get Easy Christmas Collection

Title :: Yulesville
Artist :: Edward Byrnes
Album :: We Wish You A Merry Christmas-15 Great Christmas Favorites Sung By Warner Bros Stars

Title :: Merry Christmas, You Suckers
Artist :: Paddy Roberts
Album :: Decca Single

* * *


Title :: When Santa Claus Does The Polka
Artist :: 'Big' Tiny Little
Album :: Christmas With 'Big' Tiny Little

Title :: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Artist :: The Mexicali Brass
Album :: Winter Wonderland

Title :: Russian Sleigh Song
Artist :: The Three Suns
Album :: A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas!

Title :: Dominick The Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey)
Artist :: Lou Monte
Album :: The Very Best Of Lou Monte

Title :: Santa's Italian Wife
Artist :: The Di Mara Sisters
Album :: Single

Title :: Jungle Bells (Dingo-Dongo-Day)
Artist :: Les Paul and Mary Ford
Album :: Capitol Single

Title :: The Island Of Misfit Toys
Artist :: Brian Dewan
Album :: Hello Family Santa Special

* * *


Title :: Hawaiian Santa
Artist :: The Surfers
Album :: Christmas From Hawaii

Title :: Santa's Hula
Artist :: Hilo Hattie
Album :: Mele Kalikimaka - A Hawaiian Christmas Party

Title :: Mele Kalikimaka
Artist :: Poncie Ponce
Album :: We Wish You A Merry Christmas-15 Great Christmas Favorites Sung By Warner Bros Stars

Title :: White Christmas
Artist :: The Waikikis
Album :: Christmas in Hawaii

Title :: Have Yourself a Quiet Little Christmas
Artist :: The Blue Hawaiians
Album :: Christmas On the Big Island

* * *


Title :: Blue Christmas Without You
Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Album :: Ridgway's Last Call Christmas

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Show 61: December 2007 - Part 1

but you'll have to wait until the holiday show at the end of the month
for anything remotely related to exotica or Hawaiian music...

... and I have been persuaded to participate, despite not being much of a Beatles guy myself.

So here it is,

* * *


Song :: I Should Have Known Better
Artist :: Zhang Xiao Yun and Lin De Chuan
Album :: Single

Song :: No Puedes Comprarme
Artist :: Bruno Lomas
Album :: La Casa del Sol Naciente

Song :: A Hard Days Night
Artist :: Carlos Piper Orquestra
Album :: O Som Espetacular

Song :: The Night Before
Artist :: Moacyr Marques
Album :: Novo Sabor

Song :: Hoppla-di Hoppla-da
Artist :: Travellers
Album :: Weitere Beatles Songs auf Deutsche

Song :: Michel (Michelle)
Artist :: Danielle Denin
Album :: Single

Song :: We Can Work It Out
Artist :: Sacha Distel
Album :: Love is All

* * *


Song :: Penny Lane
Artist :: Bill Page
Album :: Sounds of the Sonic Sixties

Song :: Yellow Submarine
Artist :: Gordon Langford
Album :: The Amazing Music of the Electronic Arp Synthesiser

Song :: Eleanor Rigby
Artist :: Gershon Kingsley
Album :: First Moog Quartet

Song :: Hey Jude
Artist :: Susumu Arima and His Misty Sounds
Album :: The Dock Of The Bay - New Created Sounds

Song :: Nowhere Man
Artist :: Gershon Kingsley
Album :: Music To Moog By

Song :: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Artist :: Hugo Montenegro
Album :: Love Theme from The Godfather

* * *


Song :: And I Love Her
Artist :: Ten Tuff Guitars
Album :: Ten Tuff Guitars

Song :: Day Tripper
Artist :: Mae West
Album :: Way Out West

Song :: Run For Your Life
Artist :: Nancy Sinatra
Album :: Boots

Song :: I Want To Hold Your Hand
Artist :: The Lennon Sisters
Album :: The Lennon Sisters Today!

Song :: Help!
Artist :: Jose Feliciano
Album :: A Tribute to The Beatles

Song :: Girl
Artist :: Tiny Tim & Brave Combo
Album :: Girl

Song :: Something
Artist :: Tony Mottola
Album :: Guitar Factory

Song :: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Artist :: Percy Faith
Album :: Themes for the "In" Crowd

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Show 60: November 2007

Airs NOVEMBER 17th (one week early this month)
Re-broadcast on NOVEMBER 24th


Robert Drasnin turns the big 8-0 on the 17th of November!

All you exotica fans are, of course, familiar with Robert Drasnin and his classic 1959-60 record Voodoo (and I hope you've also all purchased his excellent follow-up, Voodoo II, released earlier this year). What better way to celebrate his birthday than with a whole hour of his music!

And if you're not familiar with Robert Drasnin... shame on you! Listen to the opening of the show for a brief description of Drasnin's career and click the following links for complete bios, informative interviews, and other stuff:
As usual, I'm closing off the show with an exotica segment but I've packed in a whole half hour of exotica this time... a slew of selections from Voodoo I and II, of course, as well as other exotica tracks featuring Drasnin's touch. The show also features Drasnin's work as a composer of TV scores, an arranger, and a performer working with other artists...

* * *



Title :: Off And Running
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 3 - I Spy With My Little Eye

Title :: The Pop Art Affair
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 1

Two TV scores from the Man from U.N.C.L.E.... just a small sample of Robert Drasnin's extensive work in the field. Check out the imdb link above for a complete list of TV and film credits.

Title :: Death of a Salesman (end credits)
Artist :: Robert Drasnin

Composed, arranged and conducted by Robert Drasnin, from the 1966 TV production (got this off of a video... apologies about the sound quality).

Title :: Chinatown
Artist :: Skip Heller
Album :: Fake Book

Robert Drasnin plays sax on this version of Jerry Goldsmith's music from the film Chinatown. This is from Fakebook, one of many great albums by the amazing Skip Heller, the man responsible for the reissue of Drasnin's Voodoo in the 1990s, and the producer of this year's follow-up Voodoo II. Check out Skip's MySpace page and website!

* * *


Title :: Laid Bare (Theme)
Artist :: John Gilmore
Album :: Laid Bare

This is the instrumental theme from a great spoken word record by noir writer John Gilmore. Skip Heller provides the music; Robert Drasnin is on flute.

Title :: I'll Remember April
Artist :: Red Norvo Quintet
Album :: Red Norvo Quintet...Naturally

One of many artists with whom Drasnin performed earlier in his career... This is from a 1957 session.

Title :: Nightmare On Yucca Steet
Artist :: John Gilmore
Album :: Laid Bare

Another one from the spoken word disc... this one actually has words on it.

* * *


Title :: Orinoco
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo!

Title :: Puente Doble
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo II

Title :: Latin Village
Artist :: Martin Denny
Album :: Latin Village

Robert Drasnin composed the title song from this mid-1960s album by Martin Denny. Drasnin also arranged this album (as well as Denny's A Taste of Honey album, I believe).

Title :: Enchantment
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo!

Title :: Desiree
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo!

Title :: Siren Song
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo II

Title :: Sophisticated Savage
Artist :: Skip Heller
Album :: Fake Book

Another one from Fakebook... This is Heller's take on Les Baxter's song, once again featuring Robert Drasnin.

Title :: Jardin de la Noche
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo!

Title :: East Of Xanadu
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo II

Title :: Moorean Moonbeams
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Voodoo II

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Show 59: October 2007


This month's show features a short roundup of tunes to celebrate a few of the recent and upcoming late summer/ early fall holidays. There's a couple of Halloween numbers, of course... And how about Columbus Day? Yeah we've got a couple for that... And we've even got something for the Feast of San Gennaro!!!

But it's mostly about Halloween... including a whole set of Halloween-ish exotica and a Halloween "Cocktail of the Month" to close off the show.

But we'll start, as usual, with our artists of the month...

* * *


Artist :: Roy Smeck
Song :: The Moon of Manakoora
Album :: Adventures in Paradise
(show theme and background music)

Music by artists born in the month of October
Click on the artists' names for links to bios, websites, and info

Artist :: Leo Addeo (October 14, 1914)
Song :: The Shiek of Araby
Album :: More Hawaii in Hi-Fi

Artist :: George Cates (October 19, 1911)
Song :: Beyond The Reef
Album :: Hawaii

Artist :: Terry Synder & the All Stars feat. Dominic Cortese (October 16, 1921)
Song :: Blue Tango
Album :: Persuasive Percussion Vol. 2

Artist :: Neal Hefti (October 29, 1922)
Song :: Fraulein D Cup
Album :: Boeing Boeing

Artist :: Gershon Kingsley (October 28, 1925)
Song :: Trumansburg Whistle
Album :: Music To Moog By

Artist :: Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer (October 24, 1901)
Song :: March Of The Martians
Album :: The Happy Moog

* * *



Artist :: Kurt Weill and Ira Gerswin
Song :: The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria
Album :: Tryout

Artist :: Lou Monte
Song :: Please Mr.Columbus (Turn The Ship Around)
Album :: The Very Best Of Lou Monte


Artist :: ?
Song :: Rigatoni, Mostaciolli or Spaghett'
Album :: from the film "The Executioner"


Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Song :: Witchcraft
Album :: The Way I Feel Today

Artist :: Tony Mottola
Song :: Bewitched
Album :: Guitar Factory

* * *


•1-1/2 oz Vodka
•3/4 oz Blue Curaçao
•3/4 oz Rum
•1/2 oz Orange juice
•Shake with ice
•Strain into a cordial glass, serve straight up


Artist :: Richard Hayman
Song :: Voodoo
Album :: Voodoo!

Artist :: Clouseaux
Song :: Jungle Witch
Album :: Beyond Good and Evil

Artist :: Martin Denny
Song :: Temptation
Album :: Afro-Desia

Artist :: Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
Song :: Creeping Danger
Album :: Jungle Obsession

Artist :: Marty Wilson & His Orchestra
Song :: Jungle Fantasy
Album :: Jung'ala

Artist :: Martin Denny
Song :: Voodoo Dreams
Album :: Hypnotique

Artist :: Augie Colón
Song :: Witch Doctor
Album :: Chant Of The Jungle

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Show 58: September 2007


The new HOUR-LONG show
will now air ONCE A MONTH
on the 4th SATURDAY of the month,
at 11 A.M. pacific / 2 P.M. eastern

The new show features much that will be familiar to listeners of the old weekly 15-minute format, all brought together in a fun-filled hour! Music by artists of the month, theme segments, album spotlights, and more. And be sure to stick around till the end of the show... we'll close things off by moving over to the bar here in the exotic Mauna Loa Lounge, for a cocktail and a few selections from the exotica and Polynesian Pop repertoire!

Here is the playlist for the first show:

Artist :: The Islanders
Song :: Adventures in Paradise
Album :: Adventures in Paradise
(show theme and background music)

Music by artists born in the month of September
Click on the artists' names for links to bios, websites, and info

Artist :: Hugo Montenegro (September 2, 1925)
Song :: Love Theme from The Godfather
Album :: Tele House Presents Love Italian Style

Artist :: Hugo Montenegro
Song :: Hang 'Em High
Album :: Italian Western Movie Themes

Artist :: Al Caiola (September 7, 1920)
Song :: Moon River
Album :: Solid Gold Guitar

Artist :: Bernie Green (September 14, 1908)
Song :: Double Blues
Album :: Plays More Than You Can Stand In Stereo

Artist :: Leith Stevens & Orchestra (September 13, 1909)
Song :: Toss Me A Scalpel
Album :: Crime Jazz: Music In The Second Degree

Artist :: Bernie Green
Song :: Railroad Train Samba
Album :: Plays More Than You Can Stand In Stereo

Artist :: Frank Comstock (September 20, 1922) (Interview link)
Song :: Galaxy
Album :: Music from Outer Space

* * *


Artist :: Andy Loore
Song :: Fish Story
Album :: Water Show

Artist :: Jeff Barry
Song :: Hello Down There
Album :: Hello Down There (DVD)

Artist :: Lloyd Bridges
Song :: Lloyd Bridges Skin Diving Advice

Artist :: Harold and His Hang-Ups
Song :: Hey Little Goldfish
Album :: Hello Down There (DVD)

Artist :: The Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan & Dale
Song :: Underwater Serenade
Album :: Thunderball and The Original Dan & Dale Themes

Artist :: The Islanders
Song :: City Under The Sea
Album :: The Enchanted Sound of…

Artist :: Webley Edwards
Song :: Forbidden Waters
Album :: Fire Goddess

Artist :: Vic Damone
Song :: Humming Waters
Album :: Strange Enchantment

* * *


•1 oz. coconut rum
•1/2 oz. Kahlua
•1-1/2 oz. orange juice
•1/4 oz. lime cordial
•dash of bitters
•Shake with ice
•Strain into large rocks glass, with a few skull-shaped ice cubes

For a video of the OJ Headsplitter being made for the very first time click here.

Artist :: The Mauna Loa Islanders
Song :: My Little Grass Shack
Album :: Music of the Islands

Artist :: The Outriggers
Song :: On The Beach at Waikiki
Album :: Captivation

Artist :: Bill Jaffee and his Islanders
Song :: Kalua
Album :: Hawaiian Paradise

Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Song :: Kahluha Mist
Album :: Voodoo II

Artist :: Catamaran Serenaders
Song :: Main Theme from Mutiny On The Bounty
Album :: Tempos of Tahiti

Artist :: The Mauna Loa Islanders
Song :: South Sea Island Magic
Album :: Music of the Islands

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Encore presentation...

Please enjoy this encore presentation of a fun "outer space" themed show from back in April...

Click here for the playlist

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Show 57: New Exotica Roundup

This week... selections from a few recently released records by new or current exotica artists. All have been featured on the show before and deserve to be heard again. Please visit each artist's website... see links below.

* * *

Song 1 : : Crossing Kiluea
Artist : : Tikiyaki Orchestra
Album : : Stereo Exotique



Song 2 : : Moorean Moonbeams
Artist : : Robert Drasnin
Album : : Voodoo II



Song 3 : : Rendezvous In Okonkuluku
Artist : : Waitiki
Album : : Rendezvous In Okonkuluku



Song 4 : : Siren Song
Artist : : Robert Drasnin
Album : : Voodoo II



Song 5 : : Singapore Sling
Artist : : Cherry Capri and The Martini Kings
Album : : Creamy Cocktails and Other Delights


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lee Hazlewood (1929 – 2007)

Sadly, Lee Hazlewood passed away on August 4...

I am re-running a show I had recently put together for his birthday last month. All songs are selections from Lee's 1968 Swedish television special, Love and Other Crimes.

Complete playlist here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Show 56: Roger Roger

Prolific double-named French composer, stock music master, and sound explorer Roger Roger was born in early August (on the 5th, in 1911, to be exact), so let's hear a small sample of his extraordinary musical output...

Read more about Roger Roger here, here, and here!

* * *


Song 1 : : Rock Machine 2
Artist : : Roger Roger
Album : : Chappell Mood Music 24

Song 2 : : Alert (Poursuite)
Artist : : Roger Roger
Album : : Drama and Suspense

* * *


Song 3 : : Sounds Industrial 2
Artist : : Roger Roger
Album : : Sounds Industrial

Song 4 : : Moogy Blues
Artist : : Roger Roger
Album : : Chatanooga Choo Choo

* * *


Song 5 : : Escapade
Artist : : Roger Roger
Album : : Chappell Mood Music 24

* * *


Song 6 : : Murmuring Leaves
Artist : : Nino Nardini and Roger Roger
Album : : Jungle Obsession

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Show 55: Tiki Road Trip - Chicago

I recently returned from a somewhat eventful road trip to Chicago, where I had the chance to make a couple of first-time visits to two of the area's vintage tiki bars thanks to James Teitelbaum, author of the truly indispensable TIKI ROAD TRIP, the 2nd edition of which is now available. This show features musical selections inspired by the two bars I visited, Hala Kahiki and Paradise Club.

If you're in any way interested in tiki culture, you need a copy of Tiki Road Trip. It is the most comprehensive listing of all of the world's tiki bars... old and new, still-in-existence and long-gone, worth frequenting and to-be-avoided... You will no longer be able get into your car without first checking the book for possible places to stop!

The 2nd edition has been completely updated, refined, and expanded with more listings, reviews, photos, and other stuff! Get your copy directly from the author by clicking this link: Tiki Road Trip, 2nd edition.

* * *


Song 1 : : Vive la liberté
Artist : : The Waikikis
Album : : Christmas in Hawaii

Belgium band, German producer, weird Christmas record with almost no Christmas songs on it... and this polka-inspired Hawaiian arrangement. Thought the (mostly) Polish patrons at Hala Kahiki might enjoy this...

Song 2 : : Mapuana
Artist : : The Outriggers
Album : : Captivation

The type of music you hear at Hala Kahiki... until someone puts some change in the jukebox and drowns it out with Depeche Mode's greatest hits...

Song 3 : : Song of the Islands
Artist : : Leo Addeo
Album : : More Hawaii in Hi-Fi

We'll get rid of that jukebox yet...

* * *


Song 4 : : Tabu
Artist : : Michel Magne
Album : : Tropical Fantasy

Weird exotica from a truly bizarre record... to liven up the strangely quiet Paradise Club.

Song 5 : : Happy Voodoo
Artist : : Arthur Lyman
Album : : Bahia

This darker sounding arrangement also fits the bill for the Paradise Club's somewhat scary back room... Ladies, make sure to order a Banana Spider (the waitress told us "It's good for the girls.")

Song 6 : : Bali Girl
Artist : : Nino Nardini and Roger Roger
Album : : Jungle Obsession

When I walked into Paradise Club, I couldn't help but think of this funky, sleazy exotica record...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Encore Presentation...

I'm busy mending my broken coconut this week...

(My car was rear-ended on the Toronto leg of a Montreal–Chicago drive and I ended up in the hospital getting 11 big stitches to close up a huge gash on my forehead... a permanent souvenir of Highway 401. Maybe I'll eventually cover up the scar with a big tattoo...

I did make it to Chi-town though, and I'll be back soon with a little musical review of a couple of Chicago-area tiki bars... Thanks to Tiki Road Trip author James Teitelbaum for showing me the highs and lows of Chicago tiki.)

... so please enjoy this encore presentation of Robert Drasnin's new exotica recording, Voodoo II.

Click here for the playlist

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shaow 54: Harmonica Men

Thought I might try (again) to learn to play the harmonica this summer. So far, I haven't had the time. So I'll content myself with listening to a few great harmonica based performances by these masters of the instrument...

Related links:
Eddy Manson
Johnny Puleo
Franco De Gemini

* * *

Song 1 : : Slaughter on 10th Avenue
Artist : : Eddy Manson
Album : : Percussion Sounds and the Harmonica

* * *

Song 2 : : Sheik of Araby - It Had to Be You (Medley)
Artist : : Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
Album : : Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang

* * *

Song 3 : : Beat 700
Artist : : Franco De Gemini
Album : : The Man With The Harmonica

* * *

Song 4 : : Cheyenne
Artist : : Eddy Manson
Album : : Percussion Sounds and the Harmonica

* * *

Song 5 : : Tzena, Tzena
Artist : : Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
Album : : Jewish and Israeli Favorites

* * *

Song 6 : : Sulla Riviera
Artist : : Franco De Gemini
Album : : The Man With The Harmonica

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Show 53: Love and Other Crimes

To mark the occasion of Lee Hazlewood's 78th birthday on July 9th, I am playing a few songs and excerpts from Hazlewood's 1968 Swedish television special, Love and Other Crimes...

Here's a link to an excellent fansite about Lee.

* * *

Song 1 : : Love and Other Crimes
Artist : : Lee Hazlewood

This is presented as a videoclip on the show. It also appears, of course, on Lee's album "Love and Other Crimes."

* * *

Song 2 : : She Comes Running
Artist : : Lee Hazlewood

Great song, also featured as a videoclip, that opens the show. Also on the album "Love and Other Crimes."

* * *

Song 3 : : Dragon Story intro / First Street Blues / outro
Artist : : Lee Hazlewood (with Donny Owens)

Lee intros this with a story that doesn't really have anything to do with the song. I believe this one is performed live (with guitarist Donald Owens accompanying).

* * *

Song 4 : : Rainbow Woman
Artist : : Lee Hazelwood

Currently, my favourite Lee Hazlewood song (but that'll change, as it has at various points in the past). A wonderful song released only as a 7" single in 1967.

* * *

Song 5 : : You Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Artist : : Lee Hazlewood and Siw Malmkvist

Lee also covered this song using the exact same arrangement (super slow, no bridge) with Nancy Sinatra. Siw Malmkvist also sings two other songs solo on this television special, amazing Swedish versions of I Say A Little Prayer and Ode to Billy Joe.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Show 52: Happy Canada Day!

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

Here's a set of music by a few Canadian artists... including some great Canadian exotica... and one track with a "Canadian" theme performed by Americans...

* * *

Song 1 : : Soft Sands
Artist : : Jimmy Namaro Trio
Album : : Driftwood

One of the only (or maybe the only) classic Canadian exotica albums out there. Here is a little info on Mexico- or Michigan-born and Hamilton, ON-raised Namaro: LINK

* * *

Song 2 : : Moanin'
Artist : : Peter Appleyard
Album : : Per-cus'-sive JAZZ

Another Canadian jazz man who has been active for years and years, and is still going strong today. Love these "Doctored for Super-Stereo" records, by the way. Here is Peter Appleyard's website.

* * *

Song 3 : : Are You There (With Another Girl)
Artist : : Percy Faith
Album : : Themes for the "In" Crowd

A king of the easy listening genre who started out at the CBC. Some info here: LINK

* * *

Song 4 : : Canadian Sunset
Artist : : The Three Suns
Album : : On a Magic Carpet

No, they're not Canadian but I can only go so long without playing something by The Three Suns... this one seemed appropriate for today.

* * *

Song 5 : : Tahiti Boat
Artist : : Jimmy Namaro Trio
Album : : Driftwood

One more by Jimmy Namaro to sail us off into the Canadian sunset...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Show 51: Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

Waitiki is on a roll! Performances as the Waitiki Orchestrotica paying tribute to Esquivel... a Hawaii Music Award for Best Exotica Album for their 2003 record Charred Mammal Flesh... and now, they're back with a new recording produced by none other than Brother Cleve!

Rendezvous in Okonkuluku is a sometimes jazzy take on exotica by these Boston-based musicians... and it's also pretty amusing in spots, like on the final track, Pineapple Lilt. Good stuff!

As for the title, there is a whole mythology behind the imaginary and exotic place called Okonkuluku. If you're not already familiar with it, check out the following links:
-Okonkuluku U. Videos

* * *

Song 1 : : Rendezvous in Okonkuluku
Artist : : Waitiki
Album : : Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

* * *

Song 2 : : Cave Of The Tarpon
Artist : : Waitiki
Album : : Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

* * *

Song 3 : : Stirring Cocktail Journey Through Okonkuluku
Artist : : Waitiki
Album : : Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

* * *

Song 4 : : Pineapple Lilt
Artist : : Waitiki
Album : : Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

* * *

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Show 50: Voodoo II

Some fifty years after the release of his exotica classic Voodoo (and ten years after the record's rediscovery and reissue), Robert Drasnin returns with a stunning follow-up entitled Voodoo II.

Beautifully composed and overflowing with all of the requisite exotic elements and instrumentation, the disk - produced by Skip Heller - is a real class act. It is truly in keeping with the spirit of its 1959 predecessor and is on a par with many classic exotica recordings. This is as authentic as you can get these days, with none of the silliness that is sometimes present in other current exotica acts.

Enjoy the few sample cuts played on the show... but do yourself a favour and pick this one up.

Bio, photos, samples (of Voodoo I), and more can be found at Robert Drasnin's MySpace Page.

Also here and here are a couple of pages from a few years back, relating to the reissue of Voodoo I.

* * *

Song 1 : : Moorean Moonbeams
Artist : : Robert Drasnin
Album : : Voodoo II

* * *

Song 2 : : Kahluha Mist
Artist : : Robert Drasnin
Album : : Voodoo II

* * *

Song 3 : : La Mer Velours
Artist : : Robert Drasnin
Album : : Voodoo II

* * *

Song 4 : : Siren Song
Artist : : Robert Drasnin
Album : : Voodoo II

* * *

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Encore Presentations...

Had to get the next few weeks' shows ready ahead of time for technical reasons... but, unfortunately, I just didn't have time to do it. So, it's "encore presentations" for the next 3 weeks. Think of it as a opportunity to hear shows you've missed or listen again to a few tunes you may have previously enjoyed.

Here's what's coming up:

•May 29: encore presentation of "Exotic Electronic"
(see playlist July 18, 2006)
•June 5: encore presentation of "Audio Porn"
(see playlist September 5, 2006)
•June 12: encore presentation of "Living Stereo"
(see playlist March 27, 2007)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Show 49: Trombone Time

Started out wanting to put together a show of all-trombone music but got stuck on the first few trombone records I pulled out. I had such a great time listening to Kai Winding again (it had been awhile) that the whole show became a sort of Kai Winding special... I also threw a few "how-to-play-trombone" clips into the mix.

Here's a link to the offical Kai Winding website.

These tunes are all from a few of Winding's 1960s jazz-pop Verve recordings, by the way. You can dig up a lot of pre- and post-60s straight ahead jazz recordings by Winding, if you're interested.

* * *

Song 1 : : Get Lost
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : Kai Winding

* * *

Song 2 : : Mohair Sam
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : The In Instrumentals

* * *

Song 3 : : Far Out East
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : Kai Winding

* * *

Song 4 : : Simian Theme
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : Mondo Cane #2

* * *

Song 5 : : Python
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : Mondo Cane #2

* * *

Song 6 : : Only in America
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : Kai Winding

* * *

Song 7 : : I Know A Place
Artist : : Kai Winding
Album : : The In Instrumentals

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Show 48: Happy Burt-day!

A somewhat belated Burt-day... Burt Bacharach turned 79 years old on May 12, so we're playing some of his tunes today. A big, big jet-set pop/now sound guy (as if you didn't already know). I just love the name of this web-site dedicated to Bacharach... Check it out: A House Is Not A Homepage.

* * *

Song 1 : : South American Getaway
Artist : : Burt Bacharach
Album : : Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (soundtrack)

Doesn't sound as bossa nova as you would imagine with that title... but it does sound a heck of a lot like The Swingle Singers.

* * *

Song 2 : : After the Fox
Artist : : Oranj Symphonette
Album : : The Oranj Album

Good cover of this fun tune. Why don't these guys get back together and make another record?

* * *

Song 3 : : Walk On By
Artist : : Christopher Scott
Album : : Switched on Bacharach

Wonderful, wonderful Moog mood music!

* * *

Song 4 : : Pacific Coast Highway
Artist : : Burt Bacharach
Album : : Bacharach Bonanza

Parts of this one almost sound like Morricone to me... maybe like something from the soundtrack to My Name is Nobody or The Genius.

* * *

Song 5 : : Make It Easy On Yourself
Artist : : Percy Faith
Album : : Themes for the "In" Crowd

Leave it to Percy Faith to out-easy an easy listening master.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Show 47: Bahia-a-go-go

I've been wanting to put together an all-Brazilian show for awhile. I listen to a lot of this music and it deserves some airplay in the Lounge. Just a small sampling but here you go...

* * *

Song 1 : : Amazonas
Artist : : Walter Wanderly
Album : : Talkin' Verve

The Brazilian-born organist was known for his smooth style and mastery of the Hammond B-3 organ... Born on May 12, 1932 by the way. Here is a short bit of text someone wrote upon discovering his music...

* * *

Song 2 : : Nos E O Mar
Artist : : ?
Album : : Musidisc Bossa Nova

Sorry, I lost track of the artist who performs this version of the Roberto Menescal song... It's from a compilation. If you happen to know who it is, please feel free to let us know. Think I got this from the excellent site Sabadabada at some point.

* * *

Song 3 : : Amelia
Artist : : Eumir Deodato
Album : : Tremendao

Deodato makes some pretty cool music. He's had a long career and he's still at it. Check out his official website here.

* * *

Song 4 : : Chorou Chorou
Artist : : Conjunto De Samba De Balanco
Album : : Samba Do Bom

I really have no information at all about this one... good tune though.

* * *

Song 5 : : Broto Maroto
Artist : : Vinícius de Moraes / Dorival Caymmi / Quarteto em Cy / Oscar Castro Neves
Album : : Vinicius E Caymmi No Zum Zum (Ao Vivo)

Excellent "kind-of-live" album by a group made up of Brazilian greats. "Kind-of-live" because it's an in-studio recreation of a famous live show. If you don't know who these people are, you should, so check out these sites:
-Vinicius de Moraes (Brazilian site in Portuguese & English Wikipedia entry)
-Dorival Caymmi
-Quarteto em Cy (Brazilian site in Portuguese & Some info in English)
-Oscar Castro Neves

* * *

Song 6 : : Vim Da Bahia
Artist : : Quarteto Em Cy & Tamba Trio
Album : : Som Definitivo

Quarteto Em Cy were known as The Girls from Bahia in North America... Tamba Trio also have an official Brazilian site in Portuguese (and here's a little info in English).

* * *

Song 7 : : Berimbau
Artist : : Vinícius de Moraes / Dorival Caymmi / Quarteto em Cy / Oscar Castro Neves
Album : : Vinicius E Caymmi No Zum Zum (Ao Vivo)


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Show 46: Cocktails anyone?

Believe it or not, this is Thrifting for Tunes 1 year anniversary on (though the show concept has actually been around a little longer, on and off, in one form or another, on The Lounge King Show in Montreal)!

What better way to celebrate than with a few cocktails, new background music (Adventures in Paradise by The Islanders), and a new album preview (Creamy Cocktails & Other Delights by Cherry Capri & The Martini Kings)!

Before getting into the serious exotic cocktails, let's start off with a few songs about simple straight up booze...

* * *

Song 1 : : April and its Wine
Artist : : Sciltian Adams
Album : : Sciltian Adams

This record made its way 'round the sharity blogs some time back but no one seems to have any info on the artist. Good record though... great basslines, punchy horns and percussion.

* * *

Song 2 : : Hot Sake
Artist : : Cal Tjader
Album : : Several Shades of Jade

I'm not a sake fan... just don't get it... but I do love this record! An exotic classic that is a departure from Tjader's usual latin sound and features music with more of a Far East influence, arranged by the great Lalo Schifrin.

* * *

Song 3 : : After Six
Artist : : Lee Hazlewood
Album : : The Boots are Made For Walking - The Complete MGM Recordings

Good ol' Barton tries to trade anything and everything for a glass of any kind of booze he can get... the bartender ain't buying though. Lee sings this one on a great Swedish television special called "Love and Other Crimes." I'll play some excerpts from the show some time around Lee's birthday this summer.

* * *

Well just look who's come up with a frothy new mix of songs about cocktails! Why it's Cherry Capri, who I'm sure you all know as an advice columnist, entertainer, artist, style diva, hostess, and all-around ultra modern living hostess! Cherry has teamed up with premiere cocktail band The Martini Kings to bring us Creamy Cocktails & Other Delights... we're pleased to feature a few tracks in the Mauna Loa Lounge today.

Song 4 : : Singapore Sling
Artist : : Cherry Capri and The Martini Kings
Album : : Creamy Cocktails & Other Delights

•1 1/2 ounce gin
•1/2 ounce Cherry Heering brandy
•1/4 ounce Cointreau
•1/4 ounce Benedictine
•4 ounces pineapple juice
•1/2 ounce lime juice
•1/3 ounce grenadine
•dash bitters

Shake with ice.
Strain into an ice filled collins glass.
Garnish with cherry and slice of pineapple.

* * *

Song 5 : : Creamy Cocktail
Artist : : Cherry Capri and The Martini Kings
Album : : Creamy Cocktails & Other Delights

Can I get away with playing this creamy, steamy track...?

* * *

Song 6 : : Tiny Bubbles
Artist : : Cherry Capri and The Martini Kings
Album : : Creamy Cocktails & Other Delights

Say goodbye to legendary King of Hawaiian Entertainment, Don Ho...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Show 45: The Sounds of Expo 67!

It was 40 years ago this week that Montreal welcomed the world to Expo 67, one of the most successful World's Fairs ever and one of the greatest events, if not of the 20th century, then in my lifetime at the very least.

I’ve often spoken of Expo 67 to friends and acquaintances… Most have a hard time believing my vague memories of being pushed around in the rented green stroller with the rounded front… or of the big blue robot like sculpture. I guess it’s because they realize I was only 2 years old at the time. But whenever we’ve been lucky enough to see any documentary footage of Expo, there for the non-believers are the green strollers and all the other stuff I’ve described.

Truth be told, I returned to the Expo site a number of times even after 1967 – when the site became known as Man and his World. So the memories I share may actually be those of a 4 or 5 year old. But vague though they may be, the memories remain deeply embedded in my mind, and my impression of Expo as the epitome of 1960s space-age cool has grown stronger with time. Friends also laugh at me when I say that it’s been downhill for Montreal since 1967. The eyes of the world were focused on our city that year and we just couldn’t be topped as THE place to be. Maybe we managed to coast on that reputation for close to another decade… but by the time of the 1976 Olympic Games, the thrill was gone.

This week, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Expo 67 in sounds and music.

But first, a couple of things to set the mood.... Let's start off with a picture proving I was there (this may actually have been taken at the Expo site in 68 or 69 though):

Next, here's an excerpt from my book, Mental Notes, that describes a few of my early memories of Expo and the Expo-era:

Vague, very very vague... green strollers with black numbers painted on the front... looked like little shrunken VWs maybe... and a big cubic robot painted blue iron with a spinning head and making wonky sounds like something that was supposed to be futuristic or outer space sounding but wasn’t really, just like other 60’s ideas of futuristic stuff like electric espresso coffee makers that looked like Flash Gordon rocket ships.

And the house was full of relatives and other people who came not only to see us but to see the big Expo, of course. Uncle Mike and the rest of them from Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Ontario came over a few at a time and sometimes it was so busy that some of them had to sleep on inflatable mattresses. Jean and his wife actually came over all the way from France and I remember getting a toy truck, a yellow oil rig with European gas station logos on it. And, on more than one occasion, Mom said “This place is turning into a real hotel” but she enjoyed it though, I could tell.

Years later, the big, round Expo pavilion caught fire and didn’t really burn down but just kind of melted.

Years after that, eating Szechwan food at a company Christmas dinner, two guys tell me tales of how they worked there during the summer back when I was still just a pup in a green stroller.

Also, here are a bunch of links to websites filled with everything you need to know about Expo 67:
Expo 67 - A Virtual Experience (at Collections Canada): Complete information on Expo 67 history, pavilions, activities, links to news reports, on-line games, virtual tours, etc.
Expo 67 - Wikipedia entry: good brief history and facts & figures about the fair.
John Whelan's incredible Expo 67 site: a great photo collection of absolutely everything there was to see, buy, read, watch, or listen to at Expo... many audio files too (some of which were used to put together today's show).
News reports from the CBC archives
Expo 67 2.0: a blog about expo's 40th anniversary celebrations.
expolounge: a weblog dedicated to retro passions, including, but not only limited to, Expo 67.
Expo 67 video footage at YouTube

Now on to the sounds and music. Sound montages used between the songs were made from the Sonologue souvenir recording, "Sounds of Expo 67," featuring narration by Paul Reid.

The first two songs are the French and English versions of the official Expo 67 theme song...

* * *

Song 1 : : Un jour, un jour
Artist : : Michèle Richard
Album : : Montréal en 28 chansons

* * *

Song 2 : : Hey Friend, Say Friend
Artist : : Donald Lautrec
Album : : 45 RPM single

* * *

Songs 3 and 4 I pulled off a DVD of a National Film Board of Canada short called "Impressions of Expo 67." I have no clue who composed this music, whether it was original music written for the film, or just a couple of production tracks. The one I titled "Impressions 2" actually kind of reminds me of some of the strange sounds that used to be heard in the Man the Explorer pavilion at Expo...

Song 3 : : Impressions 2
Artist : : Unknown
Album : : Taken from the NFB short film "Impressions of Expo 67"

* * *

Song 4 : : Impressions 1
Artist : : Unknown
Album : : Taken from the NFB short film "Impressions of Expo 67"

* * *

The "theme" song to La Ronde amusement park, right next to the Expo 67 site (It's still in operation today, run by the Six Flags company, I believe).

Song 5 : : La Ronde
Artist : : Marc Gélinas
Album : : 45 RPM single

* * *

A catchy song associated with Expo 67, celebrating Canada's centennial.

Song 6 : : Ca-na-da (A Centennial Song)
Artist : : Bobby Gimby
Album : : 45 RPM single

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Show 44: Join the Guitar Underground!

A small sampling of music by session guitarist par excellence, Tony Mottola (April 18, 1918 - August 9, 2004).

In addition to his long association with Enoch Light and the Command and Project 3 labels, Mottola worked with artists ranging from Raymond Scott to Sinatra... writing, arranging and performing for radio and TV along the way too.

Links to bios at Space Age Pop and Classic Jazz Guitar.
Great interview with Mottola at Spaced Out.

Music on the show mostly sticks to Mottola's solo albums (I've featured records by Enoch Light on past shows... and will most probably do so again in the future).

* * *

Song 1 : : Guitar U.S.A.
Artist : : Tony Mottola
Album : : Guitar U.S.A.

* * *

Song 2 : : Guitar Underground
Artist : : Tony Mottola
Album : : ...Joins the Guitar Underground

* * *

Song 3 : : Moonshot
Artist : : Ten Tuff Guitars
Album : : The Swinging Electric Sounds of The...

* * *

Song 4 : : Spinning Wheel
Artist : : Jimmy Mitchell & Tony Mottola
Album : : Hawaii 5-0

* * *

Song 5 : : Windy
Artist : : Tony Mottola
Album : : Guitar Factory

* * *

Song 6 : : Wichita Lineman
Artist : : Tony Mottola
Album : : ...Joins the Guitar Underground

* * *

Song 7 : : Bluesette
Artist : : Tony Mottola
Album : : Guitar Factory