Sunday, December 27, 2015

Show 233: The Return of One Thing Leads to Another

Sunday, December 27 · 6-7 pm PST / 9-10 pm EAST  

On the last Sunday of each month throughout 2016, 
Thrifting for Tunes and the Beyondophonic Action Hour 
will be re-running their massive
“€œOne THING Leads to Another” series from 2013!
To put you all in the mood...
and explain how the whole concept works...
we’ve come up with a couple of 
brand spanking new “One Thing” shows, 
airing back to back on Sunday, Dec. 27! 
Tune in to hear how one thing unquestionably does lead to another…

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

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:: TFT ::

Title :: What Is This THING Called Love?
Artist :: Warren Barker
Album :: Hawaiian Eye

Title :: You Don't Know WHAT LOVE IS
Artist :: Myrna March
Album :: Explosive Vocal Percussion

Title :: Too Soon To KNOW
Artist :: Duke Mitchell
Album :: Live at The Black Bull (June 9, 1960)

Title :: How SOON
Artist :: Wout Steenhuis
Album :: Paradise Island

Title :: That's HOW I Got to Memphis
Artist :: Lee Hazlewood
Album :: 20th Century Lee

Title :: MEMPHIS Underground
Artist :: Living Jazz
Album :: Memphis Underground

Title :: Gone Deep UNDERGROUND
Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Album :: Mr. Trouble

Title :: DEEP Night
Artist :: The Kokee Band
Album :: Exotica 1970

Title :: Dance the NIGHT Away
Artist :: Don Sebesky
Album :: The Distant Galaxy

Title :: Bali Monkey DANCE
Artist :: Martin Denny and Si Zentner
Album :: Exotica Suite

Title :: One Eyed MONKEY
Artist :: Combustible Edison
Album :: Schizophonic!

Title :: ONE EYED Cat
Artist :: Group I
Album :: The Brothers Go to Mother's

Title :: Caditty CAT Polka Party
Artist :: Andy Prieboy
Album :: Demos and Unreleased Live Tracks

Title :: The PARTY’s Over
Artist :: John Barry Seven & Orchestra
Album :: The Best Of The EMI Years

Title :: I've Been OVER the Rainbow
Artist :: Mort Garson
Album :: The Wozard of Iz

Title :: When The RAINBOW Disappears
Artist :: The Kitchen Cinq
Album :: You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970

Title :: WHEN We're Talked About Tomorrow
Artist :: Colleen Lanza
Album :: Lee Hazlewood Industries: There's a Dream I've Been Saving (1966-1971)

Title :: Out and ABOUT
Artist :: Living Guitars
Album :: San Franciscan Nights

Title :: Forget ABOUT the Day
Artist :: Christopher Gunning (Vocal by Peter Lee Stirling)
Album :: Goodbye Gemini

Title :: Bad DAY in Brooklyn
Artist :: Irving Joseph
Album :: Murder, Inc.

Title :: Good Cop BAD Cop
Artist :: Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Album :: Savvy Show Stoppers

Title :: Nothing's GOOD and Nothing's Free
Artist :: Christopher Gunning (Vocal by Peter Lee Stirling)
Album :: Goodbye Gemini

Title :: There's NOTHING On This Side
Artist :: Wall Of Voodoo
Album :: Single

:: :: ::

:: BAH ::

Title :: What Is THIS Thing Called Love?
Artist :: The “Golden Knights” of Blessed Sacrament
Album :: Bugles Up!

Title :: All She CALLED About
Artist :: Negativland
Album :: DisPepsi

Title :: Shout ABOUT Pepsi
Artist :: Denny Wright & the Hustlers
Album :: V/A: The Sound Gallery: Volume 1

Title :: Twist and SHOUT
Artist :: The Shangri-Las
Album :: Red Bird single

Title :: Let’s TWIST Again
Artist :: Annette Funicello
Album :: At Bikini Beach

Title :: Alone AGAIN (Naturally)
Artist :: The Ventures
Album :: Only Hits

Title :: Don’t Leave me ALONE with Her
Artist :: Sparks
Album :: Propaganda

Title :: LEAVE Them All Behind (Single Version)
Artist :: Ride
Album :: Creation single

Title :: Girl BEHIND the Bamboo Curtain
Artist :: Don Tiare
Album :: The Music of Les Baxter

Title :: House of BAMBOO
Artist :: Earl Grant
Album :: V/A: Cocktail Mix, Vol. 2: Martini Madness

Title :: At an Arabian HOUSE Party
Artist :: Raymond Scott
Album :: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights

Title :: ARABIAN Market (Benny's Turkish Baths)
Artist :: Roger Roger
Album :: The Prisoner: Volume 3

Title :: MARKET Day
Artist :: Bert Kaempfert
Album :: A Swingin' Safari

Title :: Every DAY Feels Like Sunday
Artist :: Of Montreal
Album :: The Sunlandic Twins

Title :: SUNDAY Will Never Be the Same
Artist :: The Nirvana Sitar and String Group
Album :: Sitar & Strings

Title :: SAME Rain
Artist :: Sam Phillips
Album :: Martinis & Bikinis

Title :: The RAIN Came Down on Everything
Artist :: Roy Wood
Album :: Mustard

Artist :: David Bowie
Album :: Early On: 1964-1966

Title :: I Don’t DIG you, Kookie
Artist :: Edd Byrnes & Connie Stevens
Album :: Kookie

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Show 232: Let's Get Lost

Sunday, December 20 · 6-7 pm PST / 9-10 pm EAST  

Ever just want to get lost? 
Songs about lost places, lost people, lost love, lost moments in time...
No matter how LOST you get,
you're bound to FIND something you'™ll like!

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

No time to listen "live"? No problem! Download the podcast at:

* * *

:: SET 1 ::

Title :: The Lost Island
Artist :: Daniele Luppi
Album :: An Italian Story

Title :: Lost Plateau
Artist :: Frank Hunter
Album :: White Goddess

Title :: Lost Lagoon (Intro)
Artist :: Clouseaux
Album :: Lagoon!

Title :: Lost City
Artist :: Les Baxter
Album :: African Jazz

Title :: Ofo (Dance of the Lost)
Artist :: Johnny Richards
Album :: The Rites of Diablo

:: SET 2 ::

Title :: Island of Lost Girls/Nice Girl
Artist :: Various Artists
Album :: SAVAGE Exotica!!

Title :: Stone Lost Child
Artist :: Lee Hazlewood
Album :: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Title :: A Little Girl Lost
Artist :: David Axelrod
Album :: Songs Of Experience

Title :: Lost In The Stars
Artist :: Leonard Nimoy
Album :: Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space

Title :: Lost In The Paradise
Artist :: Gal Costa
Album :: Gal Costa

Title :: The Lost Moment
Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Album :: Missing Links - Music For Film Volume One

Title :: Lost in Space
Artist :: Jerry Goldsmith
Album :: In Like Flint/Our Man Flint OST

Title :: Space Suite: Lost in Outer Space
Artist :: The Frank David Selection
Album :: Blues & Electronics

:: SET 3 ::

Title :: The Lost Man (Main Title)
Artist :: Quincy Jones (Vocal by The Kids From PASLA)
Album :: The Lost Man

Title :: Lost Wages Brash
Artist :: Pete Rugolo
Album :: The Sweet Ride

Title :: Get Lost
Artist :: Kai Winding
Album :: Kai Winding

Title :: The Lost Weekend Theme
Artist :: Marty Manning
Album :: The Twilight Zone

Title :: Lost Weekend
Artist :: Wall Of Voodoo
Album :: Call Of The West

Title :: All I Ever Lost Was Her Love
Artist :: Lee Hazlewood
Album :: Bootleg Dreams And Counterfeit Demos

Title :: You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Artist :: Rudy Rosa
Album :: Presenting Rudy Rosa