Sunday, October 24, 2010

Show 119: The Encyclopedia of Sound continues...

Only a few instalments of

The Encyclopedia of Sound left

as we make our way to the end of the year...

and the end of the alphabet!

This week on Thrifting for Tunes: S...

Join us for an hour of selections by "S" artists...

Schory? Sumac? Shacklefords? Shadowy Men?

Yes! All that and much, much more...
See you on the radio...

and be sure to join us in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!

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SET 1:

Song: Chinatown My Chinatown
Artist: Dick Schory
Album: Holiday For Percussion

Song: Jungle Romance
Artist: The Surfmen
Album: The Romantic Lure Of Hawaii

Song: Paradise
Artist: Roy Smeck
Album: Adventures in Paradise

Song: Desert Island
Artist: Wout Steenhuis
Album: Paradise Island

Song: Mombasa Love Song
Artist: Tak Shindo
Album: Mganga

Song: Taki Rari
Artist: Yma Sumac
Album: Mambo!

Song: Tahiti Sunrise
Artist: The South Sea Serenaders
Album: Music For A Bachelor's Den Exotica: 2

* * *

SET 2:

Song: So Attracted To You
Artist: Herbi Silvers and Sam Hoffman
Album: 45 Sutter Records

Song: Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
Artist: Cat Stevens
Album: Matthew & Son

Song: Love Child
Artist: Walter Sear
The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit

Song: Not The Lovin' Kind
Artist: The Shacklefords
Album: Their Complete Recordings

Song: Secret Code
Artist: Lalo Schifrin
Album: There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On

Song: Operation Smash
Artist: Morton Stevens
Album: Hawaii Five-0

Song: Straighten Out
Artist: The Stranglers
Album: IRS Greatest Hits Part 1

* * *

SET 3:

Song: Il Pescivendolo
Artist: Matteo Salvatore
Album: Lamenti di Mendicanti

Song: Twilight in Turkey
Artist: Raymond Scott
Album: Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights

Song: The Cat
Artist: Jimmy Smith
Album: The Definitive Jimmy Smith

Song: Summer Wind
Artist: Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Album: Savvy Show Stoppers

Song: This Town
Artist: Nancy Sinatra
Album: Movin' with Nancy

Song: Stranger In Your Town
Artist: Billy Strange
Album: Strange Country

Song: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Artist: The Sons Of The Pioneers
Album: Cool Water (And Seventeen Timeless Western Favorites)

* * *


Song: Blue Shadows On The Trail
Artist: Syd Straw
Album: Stay Awake

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show 118: Autumn is a jumble... a confusion of colors

Sunday, October 10 at 6 pm west / 9 pm east:

My annual tribute to autumn!
Changing colors, falling leaves...
and a jumble of musical selections...
from Mel Tormė to Captain Beefheart
to The Three Suns to Magazine!

Also, for all my American friends and listeners,
stick around for my annual
Columbus Day song
at the end of the show...

See you on the radio...

and be sure to join us
in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!


Song: Autumn + A Jumble of Colors
Artist: Moondog + Tony Schwartz
Album: More Moondog / The Story of Moondog + The New York Taxi Driver

Song: Autumn Rain
Artist: Silvetti
Album: World Without Words

Song: Autumn's Child
Artist: Captain Beefheart
Album: Safe as Milk

Song: Early Autumn
Artist: Mel Tormé
Album: Mel Tormé At The Red Hill

Song: Autumn Nocturne
Artist: Dick Hyman
Album: Provocative Piano

Song: My Autumn's Done Come
Artist: Lee Hazlewood
Album: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'


Song: Blow, Wind, Blow
Artist: Kurt Hoffman's Band of Weeds
Album: Hello Recording Club CD 1993/06

Song: High On A Windy Hill
Artist: Leo Diamond
Album: Subliminal Sounds

Song: Breezin' Along with the Breeze
Artist: The Three Suns
Album: Swingin' on a Star

Song: The Breeze And I
Artist: Robert Maxwell
Album: Shangra-La

Song: Windy
Artist: Tony Mottola
Album: Guitar Factory


Song: Autumn Leaves
Artist: The Islanders
Album: The Enchanted Sound of the Islanders

Song: My Troubles Float Away Like Fallen Leaves
Artist: Harry Revel (Dr. Samuel Hoffman, Billy May)
Album: Music For Peace of Mind

Song: The Leaves
Artist: The Shacklefords
Album: Their Complete Recordings

Song: Murmuring Leaves
Artist: Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
Album: Jungle Obsession

Song: About The Weather
Artist: Magazine
Album: Rays And Hail 1978-1981: The Best Of Magazine


Song: The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria
Artist: Kurt Weill & Ira Gershwin 
Album: Tryout