Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show 127: "Themes!"

Sunday, March 20 at 6 pm west / 9 pm east...

Every episode of Thrifting for Tunes
has a "theme" to it, more or less...

Tonight, we celebrate that fact with
a show on the theme of "themes!" 

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!

No time to listen "live"? No problem!

SET 1:

Song: Stella Polare (Theme for an Unknown Western Movie)
Artist: Alessandro Alessandroni
Album: Music from the Spaghetti Western El Puro, plus More Soundtracks & Music

Song: Theme From
Artist: The Mind Expanders
Album: What's Happening!

Song: Theme for a Rolling Stone
Artist: Andrew Oldham Orchestra
Album: The Rolling Stones Songbook

Song: Tracy's Theme
Artist: Spencer Ross & His Orchestra
Album: Discoveries Presents Instrumental Oldies

Song: Armen's Theme
Artist: Chet Atkins
Album: Sounds Fantastic

Song: Guitar Theme
Artist: Billy Mure
Album: Fireworks

Song: Terry Theme
Artist: The Three Suns
Album: On A Magic Carpet

* * *

SET 2:

Song: The Inspector Clouseau Theme
Artist: Oranj Symphonette
Album: Plays Mancini

Song: Theme To McSweeney's
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Album: They Got Lost

Song: Marilyn's Theme
Artist: Vincent Bell
Album: Airport Love Theme

Song: Detective Theme
Artist: Frank Cordell
Album: Betty Page Jungle Girl

Song: Laid Bare (Theme)
Artist: John Gilmore & Skip Heller
Album: Laid Bare

Song: Theme
Artist: Moondog
Album: Madrigals Rounds

Song: Black Box Theme
Artist: Tom Waits
Album: The Black Rider

* * *

SET 3:

Song: (Theme From) Chick Boat
Artist: The Sin-Tones
Album: Surf-O-Ghetti!

Song: Simian Theme
Artist: Kai Winding
Album: Mondo Cane #2

Song: Theme From T.V.
Artist: Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Album: Savvy Show Stoppers

Song: Fu Manchu Theme
Artist: Gert Wilden And Orchestra
Album: I Told You Not To Cry

Song: Jane Bond Theme
Artist: Johnny Hawksworth
Album: Betty Page Jungle Girl

Song: Spy Theme
Artist: The Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan & Dale
Album: Thunderball and the original Dan & Dale Themes

Song: Amy's Theme
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: A Taste of India

Song: Trader Vic's Theme
Artist: ?
Album: ?

Song: Theme From The Tiki Wonder Hour
Artist: Combustible Edison
Album: I, Swinger

* * *


Song: Eurotheme
Artist: Men Without Hats
Album: Folk of the 80's (Part III)