Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Show 21: Goodbye Summer

Saturday was the last day of summer... The leaves are already changing color (around these parts anyway). This is my attempt to hang on to summer for just awhile longer... or at least to say goodbye until next year.

Song 1 : : Theme from a Summer Place
Artist : : The Three Suns
Album : : Fever and Smoke

Folks who know me know I love The Three Suns. This track can also be found as a bonus track on the Twilight Memories CD... the only one of Three Suns Living Stereo LPs that I’ve been able to find on CD. Excellent Three Suns website here.

* * *

Song 2 : : Cuando Calienta el Sol
Artist : : Nancy Sinatra
Album : : California Girl

Strange album of California-themed songs from Joisey Girl Nancy Sinatra. This seems to be a blend of old and new recordings. Good backing band of the usual gang of magnificent 60s LA studio session musicians. Here is Nancy’s official website.

* * *

Song 3 : : Fall Breaks and Back to Winter / Good Vibrations / Heroes & Villains
Artist : : Gary Usher
Album : : Add Some Music To Your Day

I’ve played a cut or two from this album before. It’s nice but also kind of sad, especially when you consider it was designed to cheer Brian Wilson up during one of the “dark” periods... that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

* * *

Song 4 : : Summer
Artist : : Bernie Green
Album : : Plays More Than You Can Stand in Stereo

Some info on Bernie Green can be found at spaceagepop.com. He seems to have done a lot of work as a musical director and arranger. I’ve also seen a mono version of this album as “Plays More Than You Can Stand in Hi-Fi.”

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