Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Show 20: E-Z

After all that running around we did in last week’s set, I figured we’d need a little downtime this week. Easy listening... Enjoy...

Song 1 : : Sea of Tranquility
Artist : : Baker Street Philharmonic
Album : : Je T’aime – Moi Non Plus

An early 70s easy listening project headed by former Manfred Mann guitarist and session Moog man Mike Vickers. Some info if you go here and scroll down a bit.

* * *

Song 2 : : Le Monde Sous-Marin
Artist : : Andy Loore
Album : : Water Show

More early 70s easy listening... Library music (I think) with an aquatic theme. Andy Loore is actually Yugoslavian library music man Janco Nilovic.

* * *

Song 3 : : Everybody’s Talkin’
Artist : : Baker Street Philharmonic
Album : : Je T’aime – Moi Non Plus

* * *

Song 4 : : Jeff Bloom
Artist : : Gianfranco Di Stefano
Album : : Spaghetti Westerns Volume 1

Di Stefano was active as a film score composer in the early 70s. Can’t find too much info about him out there but some of his soundtracks are currently available. Big easy listening string section on this track... and a nice solo trumpet.

* * *

Song 5 : : Exotica
Artist : : Martin Denny
Album : : Exotica! The Best of Martin Denny

Very familiar to all you exotica fans out there, of course. I included it in this set because it’s my favorite laid-back piece of exotica... just perfect. Good Denny site here.

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