Sunday, June 26, 2022

Show 391: The Redemption of Lalo Schifrin


Sunday, June 26 ::  9-10 pm east :: 6-7 pm west

An attempt to redeem Lalo Schifrin for the last featured cut...
with a selection of excellent film & TV scores... and more.

See you on the radio... 
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:: SET 1 ::

Title: Murderer's Row (Main Title)
Album :: Murderer's Row
Title: The Big Apple
Album :: Coogan's Bluff

Title: Get Out
Album :: Coogan's Bluff

Title: Music To Interrogate By
Album :: Bullitt - Album Recording
Title: Bullitt (Demo)
Album :: Bullitt - Film Soundtrack

Title: The Cat (From the MGM Motion Picture Joy House)
Album :: Once a Thief and Other Themes

Title: The Joint
Album :: Once a Thief - Original Film Soundtrack

Title: How To Open At Will The Most Beautiful Window
Album :: There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On

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:: SET 2 ::

Title: Ballad of Cool Hand Luke
Album :: Cool Hand Luke

Title: The Chase
Album :: The Cincinnati Kid

Title: The Killer
Album :: The Liquidator
Title: Venice After Dark (single recording)
Album :: The Venetian Affair

Title: Charanga #2
Album :: Sol Madrid - Complete Film Soundtrack

Title: Renaissance
Album :: The Dissection And Reconstruction Of Music From The Past As Performed By The Inmates Of Lalo Schifrin’s Demented Ensemble As A Tribute To The Memory Of The Marquis De Sade

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:: SET 3 ::

Title: Mannix
Album :: Mannix
Title: The Shadow
Album :: Mannix
Title: The Man From Thrush (Music From The Man From UNCLE)
Album :: Once a Thief and Other Themes

Title: Jim on the Move
Album :: Mission: Anthology

Title: Foul Play
Album :: Mission: Anthology

Title: Theme From Medical Center
Album :: Lalo Schifrin Film Scores, Vol. 1 (1964–1968)

Title: A New Hope - Earth II Theme (Earth II)
Album :: Lalo Schifrin Film Scores, Vol. 1 (1964–1968)
Title: The Wave
Album :: Piano, Strings, And Bossa Nova

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:: OUTRO ::

Title: Quiet Village
Album :: Black Widow