Sunday, March 7, 2021

Show 260: Last Night of the 2021 Fund Drive!!


Sunday, March 7 · 6-7 pm west / 9-10 pm east

It's the last day of LuxuriaMusic's 2021 funDrive!

Let's make it count...
YOU can make all the difference 
and help us reach our fundraising goal!

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

No time to listen "live"? No problem! Download the podcast at:

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:: SET 1 ::

Title :: Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)
Artist :: Les & Larry Elgart
Album :: The New Elgart Touch

Title :: Gotta Have Money
Artist :: Deja Voodoo
Album :: Too Cool To Live, Too Smart To Die

Title :: The Money Theme
Artist :: George Romanis
Album :: Eight on the Lam

Title :: Now's the Time to Spend
Artist :: George Romanis
Album :: Eight on the Lam

Title :: Dollar For Dollar
Artist :: They Might Be Giants
Album :: They Got Lost

Title :: One Silver Dollar
Artist :: M. De Leone
Album :: Italian Western Movie Themes

Title :: A Few Dollars More
Artist :: Billy Strange
Album :: James Bond Double Feature: You Only Live Twice And Casino Royale

Title :: Fast Buck
Artist :: Kenyon Hopkins
Album :: The Hustler

:: SET 2 ::

Title :: Buying on Time
Artist :: Lee Hazlewood
Album :: 400 Miles from L.A. 1955-56

Title :: Brass Buy Lightly
Artist :: Neil Richardson
Album :: The Tabitha Affair

Title :: Big Spender
Artist :: The Frank Barber Percussion
Album :: Deep Percussion

Title :: Baby, You're A Rich Man
Artist :: Living Guitars
Album :: San Franciscan Nights

Title :: If I Were A Rich Man
Artist :: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Album :: What Now My Love

Title :: From Rogues to Riches
Artist :: Nelson Riddle
Album :: The Rogues

Title :: I'd Give A Thousand Dollars
Artist :: Kirby Stone Four
Album :: Man I Flipped...When I Heard the Kirby Stone Four

Title :: Easy Street
Artist :: The Johnny Hamlin Quintet
Album :: A Hip Trip Down Some Other Street

:: SET 3 ::

Title :: Need all the help I can get
Artist :: Suzi Jane Hokom
Album :: Califia - The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood

Title :: Help
Artist :: Moacyr Marques
Album :: Novo Sabor

Title :: With A Little Help
Artist :: Tony Mottola (with The Groovies)
Album :: Warm, Wild & Wonderful

Title :: Who Will Buy
Artist :: Nancy Sinatra
Album :: Movin' With Nancy

Title :: Give A Little More (Vocal)
Artist :: Johnny Williams with Dory Previn And Andre Previn
Album :: Valley Of The Dolls - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Title :: Give!
Artist :: Jane Wiedlin
Album :: The Acoustic Album Sessions

:: OUTRO ::

Title :: If I Can Help Somebody
Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Album :: Trouble at McCabe's: "Mr. Trouble" Release Show 10.12.2012