Sunday, May 9, 2021

Show 354: Something for Everyone


Sunday, May 9 · 6-7 pm west / 9-10 pm east

What does this week’s show have to do with 
this old movie poster?


... aside from sharing a title*
and the fact that some people 
may consider it a black comedy.

*Something for Everyone also includes something else,
something for nothing, and a lil‘ sumpin’ sumpin’.

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

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:: SET 1 ::

Title :: Something
Artist :: New World Electronic Chamber Ensemble
Album :: Switched-On Beatles

Title :: Is He Trying to Tell Us Something?
Artist :: Mort Garson
Album :: Music from Patch Cord Productions

Title :: Something
Artist :: The Specialists
Album :: Who Will Buy?

Title :: (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me
Artist :: Christopher Scott
Album :: More Switched-On Bacharach

Title :: Something
Artist :: Donald Hulme, Marty Gold Orchestra
Album :: Sounds Impossible

Title :: This Could Be the Start of Something
Artist :: Dave Pell
Album :: Jazz Voices in Video

Title :: Something
Artist :: Ferrante and Teicher
Album :: The Best Of Ferrante & Teicher

:: SET 2 ::

Title :: Something Good
Artist :: Eddie Cano
Album :: The Sound Of Music And The Sound Of Cano

Title :: Something
Artist :: Carmen D'Oro
Album :: I'll Take Las Vegas

Title :: Something's Coming
Artist :: Sounds Orchestral
Album :: Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Title :: Something
Artist :: Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra
Album :: The Spectacular World of Phase 4 Stereo

Title :: You Do Something To Me
Artist :: The Art Van Damme Quintet
Album :: Everything's Coming Up Music

Title :: Something
Artist :: Tony Mottola
Album :: Guitar Factory

Title :: Somethin' Stupid
Artist :: Shiro Michi All Stars
Album :: You And The Night

Title :: Something
Artist :: Rudy Rosa
Album :: Presenting Rudy Rosa

:: SET 3 ::

Title :: Something's Happening
Artist :: Last Friday's Fire
Album :: Lee Hazlewood Industries: There's a Dream I've Been Saving (1966-1971)

Title :: Something
Artist :: Baker Street Philharmonic
Album :: Love Story

Title :: Something I Knew
Artist :: Wondermints
Album :: Mind If We Make Love To You

Title :: Something
Artist :: Lena Horne, Gabor Szabo & Gary McFarland
Album :: Lena & Gabor

Title :: Something Latin
Artist :: Martin Denny
Album :: Latin Village

Title :: Something
Artist :: Shirley Bassey
Album :: The Best Album In The World... Ever!