Sunday, August 5, 2018

Show 294: Recent Rips (Mid-2018)

Sunday, August 5 · 6-7 pm west / 9-10 pm east  

Recent Rips (Mid-2018)
The label says it all:
Recently ripped thrift store finds,
newly acquired material, vinyl upgrades, 
and most importantly,
recently unearthed Vic Caesar demos!

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

No time to listen "live"? No problem! Download the podcast at:

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:: INTRO ::

Title :: Meet Me At The Pig And Whistle
Artist :: Entire Pig And Whistle Cast
Album :: Meet Me At The Pig And Whistle

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Title :: In My Mind (demo)
Artist :: Vic Caesar

Title :: Deja Vu (demo)
Artist :: Vic Caesar

Title :: Sun Warmed Tomorrows (demo)
Artist :: Vic Caesar

Title :: Sweet Cheri (demo)
Artist :: Vic Caesar

Title :: I Love You (demo)
Artist :: Vic Caesar

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Title :: Istanbul
Artist :: Leo Addeo, his Orchestra and Chorus
Album :: Far Away Places

Title :: Song Of India (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Artist :: Orchestra Del Oro
Album :: The Pop Classics Go Latin

Title :: Rumba Rhapsody
Artist :: Stanley Black and his Orchestra
Album :: South Of The Border

Title :: Tahiti Moon
Artist :: Roberto Delgado and his Orchestra
Album :: Blue Hawaii 2

Title :: Holo Holo
Artist :: Ray Kinney Presenting: Harold Hakuole And The Villagers, Nalani, The Kuuipos
Album :: Luau At Waikiki

Title :: Blue Hawaii
Artist :: Alfred Apaka
Album :: The Golden Voice Of The Islands

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Title :: Wednesday's Child (from "The Quiller Memorandum")
Artist :: The Mystic Moods Orchestra
Album :: More Than Music

Title :: L'amour est bleu
Artist :: André Popp
Album :: Musique à ma façon / My Way Of Music

Title :: Love Theme From The Flight Of The Phoenix
Artist :: The Brass Ring
Album :: Love Theme From The Flight Of The Phoenix

Title :: Baby Elephant Walk (from Hatari)
Artist :: Don Costa and his Orchestra
Album :: Days Of Wine And Roses & Other Great Hits

Title :: The Blues I Got Comin' Tomorrow
Artist :: Lionel Hampton
Album :: Soft Vibes Soaring Strings

Title :: Blue Twilight
Artist :: Sam Marowitz with Charles Albertine and his orchestra
Album :: Big Sam and his Sentimental Sax

Title :: Solo For Joe
Artist :: Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Album :: The RCA Victor Pop Shopper

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