Sunday, December 28, 2014

Show 211: Pork Out :: Work Out

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SET 1 - John T.

Title :: Too Fat Polka
Artist :: Rudi Bohn and his Band
Album :: Percussive Oompah

Title :: All That Meat
Artist :: Mel Henke
Album :: La Dolce Henke

Title :: Butterball
Artist :: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Album :: Whipped Cream & Other Delights

Title :: Blue Eggs and Ham
Artist :: Luis E. Bacalov
Album :: Hallelujah to Vera Cruz (soundtrack)

Title :: Shut Up and Bring On The Food!
Artist :: Fred Katz
Album :: The Little Shop of Horrors (soundtrack)

Title :: Fat Boy
Artist :: Det Moor Orchestra w Bob Mersey
Album :: Jazz From Great TV Shows

Title :: Green Onions
Artist :: Tom and Jerry
Album :: Guitar's Greatest Hits Vol. II

Title :: The Fat Song
Artist :: Barry Mann/Cynthia Weill
Album :: Angel, Angel, Down We Go (soundtrack)

Title :: Ivan's Walk For Food
Artist :: Stan Ridgway And Drywall
Album :: Work The Dumb Oracle (The Drywall Incident)

SET 2 - Tothar

Title :: Fruitcake
Artist :: The Superions
Album :: Destination: Christmas

Title :: Soda Pop Shop
Artist :: Clipper Cowbridge
Album :: Clubbo Sampler Vol. 1

Title :: American Fast Food
Artist :: Randy Stonehill
Album :: Equator

Title :: All the Wondrous Pies
Artist :: Randy Stonehill
Album :: Uncle Stonehill's Hat

Title :: Candy Man (Tongue and Arm Stretch)
Artist :: Al Dana
Album :: Fun Activities for Fine Motor Skills

Title :: Ice Cream
Artist :: Glenn Tilbrook
Album :: Happy Ending

Title :: Fat as a Fiddle
Artist :: Chris Difford
Album :: The Last Temptation of Chris

SET 3 - John T.

Title :: Fat Cakes
Artist :: Jimmy McGriff
Album :: Soul Sauce

Title :: Mr. Icecream
Artist :: Gianni Ferrio
Album :: Il Killer

Title :: Honey Pot
Artist :: Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers
Album :: Last Train To Skaville

Title :: Candymine
Artist :: Andy Partridge
Album :: Hello Recording Club 1994/11

Title :: Cotton Candy
Artist :: Leonard Nimoy
Album :: The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy

Title :: House Of Pies
Artist :: Friends Of Dean Martinez
Album :: The Shadow Of Your Smile

Title :: Dare To Be Fat
Artist :: Root Boy Slim
Album :: These People Are Nuts!


SET 4 - Tothar

Title :: Count Calories Cha Cha Cha
Artist :: Yogi Bear & Boo Boo
Album :: Wake Up America!

Title :: Up Up and Away
Artist :: Lynn Roberts
Album :: The Beat Goes On For Phys. Ed.

Title :: Hurts So Good (Stomach Muscles)
Artist :: Nora Anderson
Album :: Holistic Health Exercise

Title :: Freeze Frame
Artist :: Carol Hensel
Album :: Exercise & Dance Program Vol. 3

Title :: Maniac
Artist :: Bill Van Horn
Album :: Synchronized Ball Skills

Title :: The Happy Wanderer (Happy Tappy Tips)
Artist :: Ambrose Brazelton
Album :: Clap Snap and Tap

Title :: Popcorn (Coordination, Hand Position in Space)
Artist :: Al Dana
Album :: Fun Activities for Fine Motor Skills

SET 5 - John T.

Title :: I'm In Great Shape
Artist :: Brian Wilson
Album :: Smile

Title :: Exercise
Artist :: Wall Of Voodoo
Album :: Call of the West (cassette)

Title :: Exercise #10
Artist :: Debbie Drake
Album :: N/A

Title :: Off And Running
Artist :: Robert Drasnin
Album :: Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 3 - I Spy With My Little Eye

Title :: Run - Don't Walk!
Artist :: The Tsunami Experiment
Album :: Version 1.5 RC2

Title :: Catching Game
Artist :: Cecil Canterburn
Album :: Electronic Toys - A Retrospective of 70's Synthesizer Music

Title :: The Golf Lesson
Artist :: Jerry Goldsmith
Album :: In Like Flint/Our Man Flint (soundtrack)

Title :: Everybody's Playing Tennis
Artist :: Everett Covin
Album :: The Sound of Tennis

Title :: Tennis Game
Artist :: Stan Ridgway
Album :: $pent (soundtrack)

Title :: After The Game
Artist :: Survivors
Album :: Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions

SET 6 - Tothar

Title :: The Third Man Theme (Leg Resistance)
Artist :: Bonnie Prudden
Album :: Fit to Ski

Title :: Star Wars Theme (Aerobic Dance #8)
Artist :: Jacki Sorensen
Album :: Aerobic Dancing for Phys. Ed.

Title :: Steppin' Out (Aerobics)
Artist :: Nora Anderson
Album :: Holistic Health Exercise Parade

Title :: I Ran (Abdominals)
Artist :: Kathy Smith
Album :: The Ultimate Workout

Title :: Shake It Up
Artist :: Carol Hensel
Album :: Exercise & Dance Program Vol. 3

Title :: The Third Man Theme (Sitting Warm-Ups)
Artist :: Marcy Muir
Album :: Aerobic Dancing!

Title :: Aren't We Better Off?
Artist :: Yogi Bear, Huck Hound, Quick Draw, etc.
Album :: Wake Up America!


Propagatrix said...

Looks like only the first hour of the podcast is available for download? I'm trying to hear "Happy Wanderer" to figure out if it was the same one that traumatized my entire third-grade music class in 1977.

John T. said...

You can get Hour 2 here (it ran on The Beyondophonic Action Hour):

Propagatrix said...

Thank you!!!

Propagatrix said...

My God, this IS the same record we hated so much in grade school. I have to share this with my fellow inmates. I predict a lot of bad flashbacks.

Propagatrix said...

Also, here's video of Will Ferrell doing the "Popcorn" dance.