Sunday, August 17, 2014

Show 204: Enoch Light Birthday Memorial Special

Sunday, August 17 · 6-7 pm PST / 9-10 pm EST  

Two hi-fi, stereophonic spectacular LuxuriaMusic hours of 
Command and Project 3 Records productions by Enoch Light. 

In celebration of Enoch's August 18th birthdate, 
John T. kicks off the first of two all-new shows on Thrifting For Tunes, 
and Tothar carries the Light into the Beyondophonic Action Hour.

See you on the radio... 
and be sure to join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room as you listen.

No time to listen "live"? No problem! Download the podcast at:

* * *



Title :: Temptation
Artist :: Enoch Light and The Light Brigade
Album :: Provocative Percussion Volume 2

Title :: Misirlou
Artist :: Terry Snyder And The All Stars
Album :: Persuasive Percussion

Title :: Song Of India
Artist :: The Command All-Stars
Album :: Provocative Percussion

Title :: Blue Is The Night
Artist :: Terry Snyder And The All Stars
Album :: Persuasive Percussion Volume 2



Title :: Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
Artist :: Dick Hyman
Album :: The Age Of Electronicus

Title :: Pass, and I'll Call You
Artist :: Enoch Light
Album :: Permissive Polyphonics

Title :: Love Child
Artist :: Walter Sear
Album :: The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit

Title :: The Peanut Vendor
Artist :: Richard Hayman
Album :: Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine: Persuasive Electronics



Title :: The Proper Ornaments
Artist :: The Free Design
Album :: Kites Are Fun

Title :: A Little Fugue For You & Me
Artist :: Enoch Light
Album :: Presents Spaced Out

Title :: With A Little Help
Artist :: Tony Mottola (with The Groovies)
Album :: Warm, Wild & Wonderful



Title :: Guitar U.S.A.
Artist :: Tony Mottola
Album :: Guitar U.S.A.

Title :: Windy
Artist :: Tony Mottola
Album :: Guitar Factory

Title :: Wichita Lineman
Artist :: Tony Mottola
Album :: Guitar Underground



Title :: Lumps
Artist :: Urbie Green
Album :: Green Power

Title :: Memphis Two-Step
Artist :: Dick Hyman
Album :: Fantomfingers

Title :: The Sweetest Sounds
Artist :: Dick Hyman at the Lowery Organ and His Orchestra
Album :: Electrodynamics

Title :: Pussyfoot
Artist :: Enoch Light
Album :: Patterns In Sound Vol. 1

Title :: Touch Me
Artist :: Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie
Album :: Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie

Title :: Hang 'Em High
Artist :: Enoch Light
Album :: The Best of Hollywood '68 - '69

Title :: My Girl Sloopy (Hang On Sloopy)
Artist :: Tony Mottola, Dick Hyman, Doc Severinson, Bob Haggart
Album :: The Discotheque Dance Album

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