Sunday, September 25, 2011

Show 140: Here, There, Everywhere... and Somewhere and Nowhere too

Sunday, September 25 · 9:00pm - 10:00pm EDT

This week's show revisits a few artists we've played before,
and also features a few new things,
taking you here, there, everywhere...
and somewhere and nowhere too!

See you on the radio... 
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* * *


Song :: Here, There, And Everywhere
Artist :: The Waikikis
Album :: Midnight Luau

* * *


Song :: Baby, Sign Here With Me
Artist :: Henry Badowski
Album :: Life is a Grand

Song :: Here I Am
Artist :: Gary McFarland
Album :: The In Sound

Song :: Wish You Were Here
Artist :: Eddy Manson
Album :: Percussion Sounds and the Harmonica

Song :: Spring is Here
Artist :: Richard Hayman
Album :: Let's Get Together

Song :: Hi There Miss Goodthighs
Artist :: Burt Bacharach
Album :: Casino Royale

Song :: Hello Down There
Artist :: Harold and His Hang-Ups
Album :: Hello Down There

Song :: Stay Down There Where You Belong
Artist :: Tiny Tim
Album :: God Bless

* * *


Song :: Love Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere
Artist :: Living Strings
Album :: Sounds Fantastic

Song :: Nowhere Man
Artist :: Gershon Kingsley
Album :: Music To Moog By

Song :: A Trip To Nowhere
Artist :: Leonard Nimoy
Album :: The Touch of Leonard Nimoy

Song :: Out Of Nowhere
Artist :: Terry Snyder And The All Stars
Album :: Persuasive Percussion Volume 2

Song :: Road To Nowhere
Artist :: The Girls from Bahia
Album :: !Revolucion con Brasilia!

Song :: Theme From Nowhere
Artist :: Kai Winding
Album :: Mondo Cane #2

Song :: May Be Somewhere, May Be Somebody
Artist :: Franco Morselli
Album :: Classic Italian Soundtracks-Spaghetti Westerns Volume Four [Disc 1]

* * *


Song :: Where's Captain Kirk
Artist :: Athletico Spizz '80
Album :: Urgh! A Music War [Disc 1]

Song :: Somewhere In The Dark
Artist :: Drywall
Album :: Barbeque Babylon

Song :: Where's Prince Brilliant?
Artist :: Walter Sear
Album :: The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit

Song :: Somewhere In The Hills
Artist :: Les Baxter
Album :: The Colors Of Brazil

Song :: Where's The Playground Susie?
Artist :: Charlie Byrd
Album :: Aquarius

Song :: Where Flamingos Fly
Artist :: Paul Conrad
Album :: Exotic Paradise

* * * 


Song :: Where or When
Artist :: The First Percussion Sextet
Album :: The First Percussion Sextet

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