Sunday, August 14, 2011

Show 137: Back to the Jungle

Sunday, August 14 · 9:00pm - 10:00pm EDT

A follow-up to a "Jungle Exotica" show from a couple of years back
(which you may have heard as a repeat last week)...
this time, with more exotica and a few other "jungle" sounds...

See you on the radio... 
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* * *


Song :: Secret Jungle Path
Artist :: Chaino
Album :: Kirby Allen Presents: Eye Of The Spectre

Song :: Jungle Jazz
Artist :: Nino Nardini
Album :: Betty Page Jungle Girl

Song :: Jungle Rhythm
Artist :: Guus Jansen
Album :: Dutch Exotica

Song :: Jungle Fantasy
Artist :: Percy Faith
Album :: Music For A Bachelor's Den Exotica: 2

Song :: Jungle Witch
Artist :: Clouseaux
Album :: Beyond Good and Evil

Song :: Jungle Montuno
Artist :: Les Baxter
Album :: Que Mango

Song :: Jungle Drums
Artist :: Bo Axelzon and his Exotic Orchestra
Album :: Tiki Twilight

* * *


Song :: Jungle Village
Artist :: Der Plan
Album :: Two Zombies Later

Song :: Jungle Fever
Artist :: The Creed Taylor Orchestra
Album :: Shock: Music in Hi-Fi

Song :: Junglero
Artist :: Combustible Edison
Album :: Four Rooms

Song :: Jungle Blues From Jupiter
Artist :: Perrey & Kingsley
Album :: The In Sound From Way Out!

Song :: The Human Jungle (Alternate Version)
Artist :: John Barry Seven & Orchestra
Album :: The Best Of The EMI Years

Song :: Blue Jungle
Artist :: Les Baxter
Album :: The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter

Song :: Jungle Of Cities
Artist :: Mitchell Froom
Album :: The Key of Cool (Café Flesh)

Song :: Jungle Drums
Artist :: Xavier Cugat & His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra
Album :: Latin Lounge

* * *


Song :: Jungle Trail
Artist :: Don Tiare
Album :: The Music Of Les Baxter

Song :: Jungle Jalopy
Artist :: Les Baxter
Album :: The Ritual Of The Savage

Song :: Jungle River Boat
Artist :: Martin Denny
Album :: Exotica! The Best Of Martin Denny

Song :: Chant Of The Jungle
Artist :: Augie Colón
Album :: Chant Of The Jungle

Song :: Jungle Flower
Artist :: Martin Denny
Album :: Exotica! The Best Of Martin Denny

* * * 


Song :: Jungle Drums
Artist :: Marty Gold and His Orchestra
Album :: Skin Tight

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