Sunday, July 11, 2010

Show 112: Lee Hazlewood Birthday Special 2010

Time once again for my annual Lee Hazlewood birthday special...
a delight to some listeners, an irritation to others.

Celebrate Lee's birthday (July 9)

 on Sunday, July 11 at 9 pm (east) / 6 pm (west)
with a whole slew of foreign-language Hazlewood covers this year...
Dutch, Hebrew, Cantonese, Finnish, Czech, and more!
* * *

SET 1:
Song/Language: Some Velvet Morning - Cantonese
Artist: Billie Tam

Song/Language: Le Vin De L'ete (Summer Wine) - French
Artist: Marie Laforet

Song/Language: Dáma Poi Tile (Four Kinds of Lonely) - Czech
Artist: Petr Spáleny

Song/Language: Draag Schoenen Om Te Lopen (These Boots are Made for Walking) - Dutch
Artist: Annet Hesterman

Song/Language: Sugar Town - Malay
Artist: Lara & The Trailers

* * *

SET 2:

Song/Language: Beboker Shel Ktifa (Some Velvet Morning) - Hebrew
Artist: Rami Fortis

Song/Language: Sommervin (Summer Wine) - Danish
Artist: Horsens Hardy

Song/Language: Comme la lune (Four Kinds of Lonely) - French
Artist: Joe Dassin

Song/Language: These Boots Are Made For Walking - Czech
Artist: Honza Vyčítal

Song/Language: Sugar Town - Czech
Artist: Helena Bleharova

* * *

SET 3:

Song/Language: Pauvre Buddy River (Muddy Muddy River) - French
Artist: Gilles Marchal

Song/Language: Pop The Chute - Instrumental
Artist: Hal Blaine And The Young Cougars

Song/Language: Houston - Czech
Artist: Greenhorns

Song/Language: Leikiten (Lady Bird) - Finnish
Artist: Lasse Mårtenson & Marjatta Leppänen

Song/Language: This Town - Instrumental
Artist: Duane Eddy

Song/Language: Baja - Instrumental
Artist: Jack Nitzsche

Song/Language: Movin - Japanese
Artist: Takeshi Terauchi

Song/Language: Je Ne Suis Qu'un Pauvre Homme (Pour Man) - French
Artist: Gilles Marchal
* * *

Song: Live Medley (Jackson / Summer Wine / Sugar Town / Some Velvet Morning / Houston / These Boots Are Made For Walkin')
Artist: Lee Hazlewood

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