Sunday, May 16, 2010

Show 109: The Encyclopedia of Sound Continues... K - L

On May 16 at at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific...
 Working our way to the mid-way point next month,
May's Encyclopedia of Sound show covers the letters K and L,
featuring the likes of Fred Katz, Alex Keack, and Andy Kim...
not to mention Donald Lautrec, Jackie Lynton, and The Lennon Sisters! 

For info on the project, a few podcasts,
and playlists of stuff that Tothar and I have played so far, 
visit our all-new Encyclopedia of Sound blog.

* * *

SET 1: K

Song: Too Kool To Kalypso
Artist: Klark Kent
Album: Kollected Works

Song: The Little Shop of Horrors (Main Title)
Artist: Fred Katz
Album: The Little Shop of Horrors (Soundtrack)

Song: Why Me
Artist: Alex Keack
Album: Surfers Paradise

Song: Trumansburg Whistle
Artist: Gershon Kingsley
Album: Music To Moog By

Song: Afrikaan Beat
Artist: Bert Kaempfert
Album: The Very Best Of Bert Kaempfert

Song: Chinese Surfer
Artist: Kava Kon
Album: Tiki For The Atomic Age

Song: Rock Me Gently
Artist: Andy Kim
Album: Greatest Hits

* * *

SET 2: L Part 1

Song: The (Jungle) Cat
Artist: Arthur Lyman
Album: Lyman '66

Song: Meu Querido Amor
Artist: Ed Lincoln
Album: O Ganso

Song: French 75
Artist: Lushy
Album: Lushy

Song: Un jour, un jour
Artist: Donald Lautrec
Album: Single

Song: I Want To Hold Your Hand
Artist: The Lennon Sisters

Song: Mississippi
Artist: John Linnell
Album: State Songs

Song: Soldi, Soldi, Soldi
Artist: Sophia Loren
Album: Greatest Hits
* * *

SET 3: L Part 2

Song: The Natives Are Restless Tonight
Artist: Enoch Light
Album: Provocative Percussion Vol. 2

Song: High Noon
Artist: Frankie Laine
Album: Hell Bent for Leather

Song: The Ballad Of Hank McCain Part 2
Artist: Jackie Lynton
Album: Canto Morricone Vol. 2 - Western Songs & Ballads

Song: Fish Story
Artist: Andy Loore
Album: Water Show

Song: Casa Forte
Artist: Edú Lobo
Album: Cantiga De Longe

Song: La Mia Vita
Artist: Louiselle
Album: The Ennio Morricone Chronicles Vol. 04

Song: Fishing With John
Artist: John Lurie
Album: Fishing With John: Original Music From The Series
* * *


Song: Sweden
Artist: Lindberg Hemmer Foundation
Album: Brazillian Architecture