Sunday, April 11, 2010

Show 106: Quiet Village vs. Flamingo

The second in a series of shows called "Quiet Village vs. ?"
once again contrasts about 10 different versions of the ultimate exotica classic
with 10 versions of another popular exotica tune.

This instalment pits Quiet Village against Flamingo,
and also serves as my annual Martin Denny Birthday show...
Many more traditional versions of QV on this show compared to last month
(including 5 versions by Martin Denny, the original by Les Baxter,
and several others... and, of course, an equal number of versions of Flamingo). 

Join us in the chatroom
on April 11 at  9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific.

* * *

SET 1:

Song: Quiet Village (live)
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Baked Alaska

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Ferrante And Teicher
Album: Pianos In Paradise

Song: Quiet Village cha cha cha
Artist: Pete Rugolo
Album: Rugolomania/The New Sounds of Pete Rugolo

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Tak Shindo
Album: Brass and Bamboo

Song: Quiet Village Bossa Nova
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: The Versatile Martin Denny

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Living Guitars
Album: Flamingo and Other Favorites

* * * 

SET 2:

Song: Quiet Village (duophonic)
Artist: Les Baxter
Album: The Ritual of the Savage

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Stanley Black
Album: Exotic Percussion

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Henry Mancini
Album: Music Of Hawai

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Primitiva

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: The Surfmen
Album: The Romantic Lure of Exotic Island

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Vic Damone
Album: Strange Enchantment

* * *

SET 3:

Song: Quiet Village (mono)
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Exotica

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Gene Rains
Album: Rains in the Tropics

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Quiet Village

Song: Flamingo
Artist: Wout Steenhuis
Album: Paradise Island

Song: Quiet Village (moog)
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Exotic Moog

* * *


Song: Flamingo
Artist: Lalo Schifrin
Album: Black Widow

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