Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show 104: Quiet Village vs. Jungle Drums

To make up for the recent lack of all-exotica shows on TFT, 
here's the first in a series of shows called "Quiet Village vs. ?" 
pitting about 10 versions of the ultimate exotica classic
against 10 versions of another popular exotica tune. 
On March 14 at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific,
Quiet Village goes head-to-head with Jungle Drums.
Not a competition... just a chance for you to compare
and choose the versions you like best.
Join us in the LuxuriaMusic chat room and share your thoughts...     

* * *

SET 1:

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Bo Axelzon and his exotic orchestra
Album: Tiki Twilight

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Afro-Desia

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Earl Grant
Album: Tradewinds

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Leo Diamond
Album: Subliminal Sounds

Song: My  Quiet Village
Artist: Darla Hood
Album: Single

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Gene Rains
Album: The Call Of The Tropics

* * *

SET 2:

Song: Quiet VillageArtist: Webley Edwards
Album: Sunkissed Hits of Hawaii

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Frank Hunter
Album: White Goddess

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Vinnie Bell
Album:Pop Goes The Electric Sitar

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: The Three Suns
Album: Movin' 'n' Groovin'

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: The Clebanoff Strings
Album: Exciting Sounds

Song: Canto Karabali (Jungle Drums)
Artist: Juan Garcia Esquivel
Album: 100 Años De Musica De La RCA

* * *

SET 3:

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: The Alis
Album: Xtbay's Quiet Village 2

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Stanley Black
Album: Exotic Percussion

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: Eddie Baxter
Album: More Fantastic Sounds 

Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Augie Colón
Album: Chant Of The Jungle

Song: Quiet Village
Artist: The Hawaiian Brass
Album: Longines Symphonette

* * *


Song: Jungle Drums
Artist: Ted Auletta
Album:  Exotica

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