Sunday, December 13, 2009

Show 100: Encyclopedia of Sound - ABC - Part 1

John T and Tothar's
Encyclopedia of Sound - The ABCs

Celebrating the first year anniversary of Thrifting for Tunes' move to Sundays on AND the the first year anniversary of the first collaborative "crossover" show with The Beyondophonic Action Hour (that would be the Akron-Montreal crossover show, which is being repeated on Dec. 20 by the way),
John T and Tothar are back with another pair of crossover shows, the first in an ongoing series we're calling our "Encyclopedia of Sound."

Things kick off on Thrifiting for Tunes on December 13, when Tothar will drop in to join me as we share selections by A, B, and C artists from our respective music collections. And after Thrifting for Tunes, stick around as I stop in and visit with Tothar on The Beyondophonic Action Hour with more A, B, and C music...

It all starts on December 13 at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific...

* * *


Song: Friday Girl
Album: His Orchestra And Choir
Artist: Sciltian Adams

Song: Up Up And Away
Album: The Dock Of The Bay - New Created Sounds
Artist: Susumu Arima and His Misty Sounds

Song: Nem O Mar Sabia
Album: Ely Arcoverde Quarteto
Artist: Ely Arcoverde Quarteto

Song: The Shiek of Araby
Album: More Hawaii in Hi-Fi
Artist: Leo Addeo

Song: Nature Boy
Album: Tiki Twilight
Artist: Bo Axelzon and his exotic orchestra

Song: Song Of Innocence
Album: Songs Of Innocence
Artist: David Axelrod

* * *


Song: The Wayward Wind
Album: Shango!
Artist: Kip Anderson & The Tides

Song: Sharky's Day [Edit]
Album: Selections From Mr. Heartbreak
Artist: Laurie Anderson

Song: Hep Cat
Album: Music To Suffer By
Artist: Leona Anderson

Song: The Typewriter
Album: Conducts Leroy Anderson
Artist: Leroy Anderson

Song: Poor Forgotten Snoopy
Album: Snoopycat
Artist: Marion Anderson

Song: Hold Tight
Album: In Hi-Fi
Artist: The Andrews Sisters

Song: Oo-Dla-Ba-Doo
Album: Miss Calypso
Artist: Maya Angelou

Song: The Pleasure Seekers
Album: The Many Moods of
Artist: Ann-Margret

Song: A Man Called Marco
Album: Friend or Foe
Artist: Adam Ant

* * *


Song: Airport Love Theme
Album: Airport Love Theme
Artist: Vinnie Bell

Song: Daydream
Album: Je T'aime - Moi Non Plus
Artist: Baker St Philharmonic

Song: Moonflowers
Album: A Musical Touch of Far Away Places
Artist: Warren Barker

Song: Trade Winds
Album: Bora Bora (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Les Baxter

Song: Temptation
Album: Exotic Percussion
Artist: Stanley Black

Song: I Say A Little Prayer
Album: Estreia
Artist: Brasilia Modern Six

Song: Galveston
Album: Aquarius
Artist: Charlie Byrd

* * *

Stick around for more B and a lot of C... on The Beyondophonic Action Hour!

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