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Show 95: Beatles Day 09

Thrifting for Tunes
on Beatles Day

Amidst the hype and hoopla surrounding the arrival of the remastered Beatles catalog, feisty independent radio station Luxuria Music ( has set Oct. 9, 2009 for its annual Beatles Day marathon—during which no Beatles recordings will be played. Instead, Luxuria’s DJs will celebrate the Beatles (and John Lennon’s 69th birthday) by exclusively spinning cover versions of Beatles songs, Beatles novelty and tribute recordings, and all manner of Beatles-related audio.

As with previous Luxuria Music Beatles Days, listeners can expect to hear Beatles songs performed by an expansive range of artists, including the Beach Boys, Al Green, Enoch Light, the Hollyridge Strings, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Domino and William Shatner. But no actual Beatles recordings will be used during Beatles Day. “All of us at Luxuria genuinely love the Beatles a lot,” says station manager Chuck Kelley. “But really, pop culture is so saturated with Beatles music—on radio, in commercials, everywhere—that you really don’t have to sit down and actively listen to them anymore. You can just listen to them in your head; I’m listening to them right now! We always get a strong response to Beatles Day because listeners get exposed to Beatles music in so many new and different ways. It’s become a tradition we look forward to every year.”

Among the highlights of Luxuria’s 10th annual celebration will be Los Beatles Bossa Con Soul (Portuguese, Spanish-language and soul covers), officiated by Pretty World host Switched On Audrey with DJ Soulshaker; Kitsch Niche host Strike’s The Beatle-Less (kitschy covers and celebrity maulings of great Beatles tunes); and a special edition of DJ Howie Pyro’s Intoxica garage-rock show featuring “everything from hillbilly anti-Beatle rants to psychedelic education children’s-nightmare records.” Tothar’s Beyondophonic Action Hour will presents instrumental covers of every song, in sequence, from the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, while Vic Tripp’s Atomic Cocktail will offer Beatle-composed tunes performed by, among others, Jack Nitzsche, Homer & Jethro and Generation X.

* * *

SET 1:

Song : : All My Loving
Artist : : Moacyr Marques

Song : : And I Love Her
Artist : : Ten Tuff Guitars

Song : : No Puedes Comprarme [Cant Buy Me Love]
Artist : : Bruno Lomas

Song : : Eleanor Rigby
Artist : : The Waikikis

Song : : Girl
Artist : : Tiny Tim & Brave Combo

Song : : A Hard Days Night
Artist : : Carlos Piper Orquestra

Song : : Here, There, And Everywhere
Artist : : The Waikikis

* * *

SET 2:

Song : : Hey Jude
Artist : : Susumu Arima and His Misty Sounds

Song : : I Am The Walrus
Artist : : Lord Sitar

Song : : I Should Have Known Better
Artist : : Zhang Xiao Yun & Lin De Chuan

Song : : I Want To Hold Your Hand
Artist : : The Lennon Sisters

Song : : I'm A Loser
Artist : : Marianne Faithfull

Song : : Michel (Michelle)
Artist : : Danielle Denin

Song : : Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Artist : : Hugo Montenegro

* * *

SET 3:

Song : : Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Artist : : Enoch Light

Song : : Penny Lane
Artist : : Bill Page

Song : : Run For Your Life
Artist : : Nancy Sinatra

Song : : Something
Artist : : Tony Mottola

Song : : We Can Work It Out
Artist : : Sacha Distel

Song : : Yesterday
Artist : : The Waikikis

* * *


Song : : You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Artist : : Percy Faith

* * *

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