Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Show 55: Tiki Road Trip - Chicago

I recently returned from a somewhat eventful road trip to Chicago, where I had the chance to make a couple of first-time visits to two of the area's vintage tiki bars thanks to James Teitelbaum, author of the truly indispensable TIKI ROAD TRIP, the 2nd edition of which is now available. This show features musical selections inspired by the two bars I visited, Hala Kahiki and Paradise Club.

If you're in any way interested in tiki culture, you need a copy of Tiki Road Trip. It is the most comprehensive listing of all of the world's tiki bars... old and new, still-in-existence and long-gone, worth frequenting and to-be-avoided... You will no longer be able get into your car without first checking the book for possible places to stop!

The 2nd edition has been completely updated, refined, and expanded with more listings, reviews, photos, and other stuff! Get your copy directly from the author by clicking this link: Tiki Road Trip, 2nd edition.

* * *


Song 1 : : Vive la liberté
Artist : : The Waikikis
Album : : Christmas in Hawaii

Belgium band, German producer, weird Christmas record with almost no Christmas songs on it... and this polka-inspired Hawaiian arrangement. Thought the (mostly) Polish patrons at Hala Kahiki might enjoy this...

Song 2 : : Mapuana
Artist : : The Outriggers
Album : : Captivation

The type of music you hear at Hala Kahiki... until someone puts some change in the jukebox and drowns it out with Depeche Mode's greatest hits...

Song 3 : : Song of the Islands
Artist : : Leo Addeo
Album : : More Hawaii in Hi-Fi

We'll get rid of that jukebox yet...

* * *


Song 4 : : Tabu
Artist : : Michel Magne
Album : : Tropical Fantasy

Weird exotica from a truly bizarre record... to liven up the strangely quiet Paradise Club.

Song 5 : : Happy Voodoo
Artist : : Arthur Lyman
Album : : Bahia

This darker sounding arrangement also fits the bill for the Paradise Club's somewhat scary back room... Ladies, make sure to order a Banana Spider (the waitress told us "It's good for the girls.")

Song 6 : : Bali Girl
Artist : : Nino Nardini and Roger Roger
Album : : Jungle Obsession

When I walked into Paradise Club, I couldn't help but think of this funky, sleazy exotica record...

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Anonymous said...

In order to truly capture the feeling of Hala Kahiki, you need to interrupt the Exotica tracks with a sudden and unexpected blast of Depeche Mode at triple the volume of the other stuff...