Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Show 9: Atkins/Schifrin

What do Chet Atkins and Lalo Schifrin have in common? Not much, except:
-they both made some great music
-they both had birthdays very recently (Chet Atkins: June 20, 1924 –June 30, 2001 / Lalo Schifrin: June 21, 1932– )
-though their music is not exotica, both do perform songs that are not out of place in a Tiki bar like the Mauna Loa Lounge.

So here are a couple of selections each from Atkins and Schifrin. I tried to feature Schifrin’s work both as a composer and arranger. For Atkins, I just played a couple of tunes from a great RCA Living Stereo album that features Atkins using a wonderfully warm sounding nylon string guitar.

More Atkins info here.
More Schifrin info here.

Song 1 : : Delicado
Artist : : Chet Atkins
Album : : The Other Chet Atkins

Nice version of this familiar latin number...

* * *

Song 2 : : The Wave
Artist : : Lalo Schifrin
Album : : Piano, Strings and Bossa Nova

Great early composition by Schifrin. I’m actually not too crazy about the over the top strings on this record but the piano is great...

* * *

Song 3 : : Borneo
Artist : : Cal Tjader
Album : : Several Shades of Jade

Schifrin’s arrangement of his own composition appearing on Tjader’s album. Groovy exotic jazz... and it works well in the Tiki bar.

* * *

Song 4 : : Poinciana (Song of the Tree)
Artist : : Chet Atkins
Album : : The Other Chet Atkins

More laid back but just as appropriate to play in the Lounge while enjoying a Chi Chi or a Planter’s Punch.

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