Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Show 2: Rewired

The Mauna Loa Lounge gets re-wired by the Geek Squad... and I play some early electronic sounds to help them get their work done.

Song 1 : : Popcorn
Artist : : Hot Butter
Album : : Popcorn

The mega hit version of Gershon Kingsley’s song... I still have the K-Tel LP on which I first heard this song (circa 1972!). Everything you ever wanted to know about this phenomenal piece of music can be found on the Popcorn Song website.

* * *

Song 2 : : Love Syndrome
Artist : : The Mind Expanders
Album : : What’s Happening!

Early electronica... but also quite psychedelic at the same time... by this studio band whose album includes electro-psychedelic adaptations of both classic and pop pieces.

* * *

Song 3 : : Quiet Village
Artist : : Martin Denny
Album : : Exotic Moog

Not the version you all know and love but Denny’s electro-exotic adaptation of his own big hit. You can find some basic info about the record here and some very surprising info about the record on Dana Countryman’s site.

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