Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Show 23: Fishing with John T.

I am not a fisherman... I mean, I’ve fished before but not really in the last 20 years or so. So I figured it was time to take another fishing trip... or at least an imaginary one. Inspired by another guy who “knows nothing about fishing,” I put together this week’s “fishing trip” show.

Song 1 : : Fishing with John
Artist : : John Lurie
Album : : Fishing with John

Or rather, Fishing with John T in this case. This is the theme song to John Lurie’s hilarious TV series from a few years back. Dig around for some info on Fishing with John at the imdb.

* * *

Song 2 : : Fish Story
Artist : : Andy Loore (Janco Nilovic)
Album : : Water Show

Played another water-themed track from this album of library music a few episodes back...

* * *

Song 3 : : City Under the Sea
Artist : : The Islanders
Album : : The Enchanted Sound of The Islanders

Played these guys recently too (see last week’s show for info)... some really good exotica on this album.

* * *

Song 4 : : Forbidden Waters
Artist : : Webley Edwards
Album : : Fire Goddess

Starting way back in the mid-30s, Edwards began broadcasting Hawaiian music to the mainland on his show “Hawaii Calls,” live from Honolulu. More info at the ever-informative spaceagepop.

* * *

Song 5 : : Hello Down There
Artist : : Jeff Barry
Album : : Hello Down There

Are you familiar with this Tony Randall movie from 1969? I wanted to live in this movie’s under-sea house when I was a kid. This is the theme song from the film. Don’t know if a soundtrack album exists... I pulled this off of the DVD.

* * *

Song 6 : : Hey Little Goldfish
Artist : : Harold and His Hang-Ups
Album : : Hello Down There

This is also from the movie. A young Richard Dreyfuss plays Tony Randall’s daughter’s boyfriend Harold. His band writes this song while rehearsing in the undersea house.

* * *

Song 7 : : Some Days There Just Ain’t No Fish
Artist : : Hoagy Carmichael
Album : : Ole Buttermilk Sky

Hoagy speaks the truth... some days, there just ain’t no fish. Here is the official Hoagy Carmichael website.

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